Sep 07, 2018

6 Running Tips That Will Start You Off on The Right Foot

How do I start running?

By: Team Knix

We’ve all seen them.

Compression pants, neon shoes, mini water bottles belted around their waists. It seems that everywhere you look, no matter the weather, runners are out there looking great and we’re on the couch … feeling guilty.

So what’s all the fuss about?

If even the thought of going for a quick jog around the block feels excruciating, remember that running happens to be a pretty great form of exercise. It's completely free to do, and it promotes amazing health benefits like improving your heart, toning your thigh muscles, and strengthening your core. And it totally relieves stress. Maybe those runners are onto something.

So, for some tips on getting started, we reached out to the most inspiring group of people we know: the Knix community. Check out these 6 tips, straight from our followers, on how to learn to run:

Start small

“Start slow. Start with walk-run intervals. Walk 3 minutes, then run 1 minute, and work the run up!” - @nicole5937

You crawl before you walk, so why wouldn’t you walk before you run? Set realistic goals for yourself and start by alternating walking and running. By doing too much too fast, you could be setting yourself up for failure, which is totally unfair. Pace yourself, and don’t be afraid to stop and walk.

Use an app

“The Couch to 5K Program took me literally from the couch to a half marathon.” - @socalequestrian

Apps can be extremely helpful in starting to run. Not sure which one to use? Try a few different ones until you find the program that works best. (Read: The best one is the one that works for you!)

Get the right gear

“Good bra, comfy undies and runners, fun playlist, and a route with lots to look at! Go!” - @meg.ricci

A good playlist and comfortable clothes make all the difference in having a happy run. You don’t need the best or most expensive gear, but make sure you find the most supportive bra and most comfortable shoes as possible. And like Meg says, try to find a park or waterfront to make your run that much more enjoyable.

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Give yourself a goal

“Sign up for a race! The deadline is motivating.” - @b_goodsey

Some people are driven by a deadline or tangible goal. Sign up for a 5K or 10K race a few months away to give yourself something to work towards. Plus, if the race you choose is in support of a charity, you’ll feel that much better about your accomplishment (and more motivated!).

Join a group

“Join an accountability group!” - @to_fitspo

Thanks to social media, there are countless online groups you can join that will help keep you motivated and engaged in your progress. (Try #100Strong on Instagram, a group managed by Knix Ambassador, Katie!) If you’d rather keep your fitness offline, join a local running club. They are usually free and offer a wide range of dates to meet up and run.  

Just go

“Just start. And remember, if you run, you are a runner—no matter how fast or long you go.” - @iwisheverythingwascandy

Just put one foot in front of the other. Literally.

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