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Our Day at The Bod Con

February 22, 2021
Team Knix

A day later, and we’re still absolutely glowing from attending The Bod Con. The first virtual conference focused on body confidence and the movement towards radical self-acceptance, we were so honored that we could be a part of it. Like Knix Founder and CEO Joanna Griffith’s told the crowd, “We were so excited for this, we signed up before we even knew who was booked”. 

Even though the conference wasn’t in person, it still gave us the amazing opportunity to be joined by viewers all over the world— with people saying hi from the US to Germany and everywhere in between. There was a sense of community that rang through the entire day, with people sharing their Instagram handles and resources in the chat all day long. And despite the distance, “I feel like we’re all in the same room”, someone wrote. Everyone agreed. 

This community feeling was largely due to motivational speaker and our host for the day, Coach Raia Carey, who kicked us off with breath work, and popped in between panels to teach us about writing down our intentions and the power of positive affirmations. She kept the energy high and reminded us to “always think about who we are when we're the best version of ourselves”. 

Knix was the first panel of the day, and Joanna started with a talk inspired by our Age Doesn’t Matter campaign: Body Confidence at Any Age.


Joined by a panel that spanned decades— Mik Zazon, Brenda James, Sarah Sapora and Arlinda Mcintosh shared messages to their 18 (and 80!) year old selves and told us about moments in their lives when they felt confident. Arlinda, donning a crown for the event (very appropriate), summed up everyone’s words of wisdom so perfectly, “You just have to remember that you are exactly where you need to be”. 

📸  Joanna with Brenda (who starred in our campaign video above) and Arlinda 

And where we needed to be yesterday was at Bod Con, with panels that touched on all the complex, intricate yet relatable experiences we share when it comes to our bodies. From friendship, to sex, to raising kids— speakers like Alicia McCarvell, Arielle EstoriaHunter McGrady, Chrissy King and Kenny Ethan Jones were a joy to learn from.

And among those, our keynote speakers— Jameela Jamil and Sarah Nicole Landry, both gave us an intimate, behind the curtain look at their lives.

After speaking on the entertainment industry’s exceptionally unattainable beauty standards, Jameela talked to us about her relationship with body neutrality instead of body positivity. “Love is a high step to get to if you’ve been hating your body for a long time”, she explained. If you're interested about this movement, you can click here to learn about it from Bod Con Panelist Brynta Ponnuthurai. 

📸  Alex Light and Jameela Jamil

Jameela left us with a lifetime of powerful insights, but two stood out to us that really aligned with all things Knix: don’t let the mirror tell you if you’re going to have a good day or not, and how we look will not be part of our legacy. We could feel everyone clapping through the screen.

Wrapping up the day was our dear friend Sarah Nicole Landry, freshly postpartum and ready to talk about allowing herself grace during her recovery. Through conversation with the brilliant Komal Minhas, there were both tears and laughs as they navigated the “rollercoaster of a ride that is postpartum”.

📸 Komal and Sarah rounding out the day!

After an amazing day of speakers and new friends from all over the world, Sarah ended the weekend with an important note for all of us:  

“I’ve missed out on opportunities because I allowed my body to be more important than all the other important things. But we deserved to be touched. We deserved to be loved. We deserve to be on beaches! We deserve friendships. And your body shouldn’t be a determining factor for any of those.”

A day spent learning new ways of thinking and unlearning the old, we couldn’t think of a more powerful way to spend our weekend. Thank you everyone for joining us at Bod Con! And a reminder that it's not ever yet: if you have a ticket, you can access recordings of the event starting Friday, February 26th and you have 30 days to rewatch all of these amazing speakers!