Setting Mindful Intentions

January 10, 2019
Katherine Flemming

Meditation is overwhelming, but effective. And with the pace of the world, the increase rates of depression and anxiety, it's something that everyone can do--with zero side effects and endless benefits.

So what is meditation, exactly? Is it staring into The Wide Open Abyss, while you contemplate moving to Tibet? Is it wiping out your brain so it's all crystal clear skies with an occasional puffy cloud?

It's both but also neither.

It used to feel like meditation was all about clearing your mind. But the meditation has evolved to become more simple—even just finding time to be present in the moment. Because when you're present in the moment, you're able to make better decisions, handle stress more and live your live unapologetically free. Which is what we're all about here at Knix.

It's hard to stay in the moment when all you can think about the number climbing on your credit card. When you feel like your jeans don't fit and you are frustrated with your partner.

Which is why it's so important to find a moment in your day—whether it's an hour (just kidding, who has an HOUR) or five minutes—to come back to your self, live in the moment and do something that you are #FreeTo experience. We reached out to our ambassadors to see what they do—read on for some seriously amazing ideas. 

Michelle Elizabeth says running a bath when the kids are in bed (and it’s quiet) with a cup of tea or wine. Namaste. ✌🏻

We just scored an awesome book recommendation from Lindsay Knowlton, who says she starts every morning by reading a meditation passage fro a book called "Journey to the Heart."

Another morning person is Christine Noonan, who starts her morning before she leaves her bed. I say “thank you for the gift of a new day.” She then continues with a short list of what she is grateful for in the moment. "I think of what the day ahead has and affirm that the classes, meetings, and personal interactions that will unfold just as they need to. 🙏"

For Tracey Gairns Brioux, she's all about a bedtime ritual. "I have a new ritual with my daughters ages 4 & 6 where we do positive affirmations before bed. "We say, I am strong, I am powerful, I can do anything I set my mind on, I am beautiful.” I love hearing them say those words and I hope I can teach them to always believe them. (Editor's note: if you need a really inspiring read, check out the piece Tracey wrote for us for the #FacesofFertility campaign.

Jordanna Nativ also shares the above practice with Tracey. "We do this too. It’s beautiful to watch kids make this their own!"

Before she walks into a room, Katie Watkins Janetos says she tries to pause and ask herself "What do I need to be or do in the next space?". Whether it be a conference room (confident, collaborative, knowledgeable); a restaurant to meet my friends (listen, connect, laugh); or my home at the end of a work day (positive, affectionate, curious). It takes only a minute, but I find having that intention is so important."

 So, how will you live free this year?