Live Free in 2019


With no fizz left in the champagne and the looming onset of post-Christmas blues, it can be overwhelming to embrace a brand new year. The pressure to change up the whole game is a bit much. Self-care is everywhere right now; but what does it really mean? Is it weekly spa visits and a consistent yoga practice? It might be, if that's what your mind and body need. Or maybe it's time you stop creeping your ex on social media.

Whatever your current outlook, we're here to say: if you're all about resolutions, make this year one in which you prioritize your mental and physical health. Start January by embracing the idea of free. And instead of extreme measures, look for small nuances in the every day that can be altered.


More screen time, more problems

This fall the New York Times published a piece about some wariness out there warning against screen time usage and children (especially under two), with some Silicon Valley insiders putting severe restrictions on their kids' usage habits. So if it's not great for on earth can it be safe enough for adults? The truth? You need your phone, but if you can limit usage, your mental and physical health will thank you.

Positive self talk for the win

You've heard it before: you can manifest your destiny if you put it into words. Whether it's a dream board, a crumpled coffee napkin or a page saved in your note field on your smartphone, write down positive affirmations (and compliments; they come in handy on low days) and vow to talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend—or a younger version of yourself.

Trim the toxic foods, people, habits

You don't need to overhaul your diet, slave away at the gym, or go to any extreme to live a better life. But you do need to limit the negativity in your life, as it's draining, unproductive and honestly--it's contagious! So whether you need to mute, block, unfriend, or hide the stories on your social feed and IRL, do what you need to do to remove yourself from unhealthy relationships.

Reclaim Chicken Soup For the Soul

Remember this cutesy-catchy series from the 90s? While some of the stories were a bit too twee, the theme was important: your soul needs some self-care if you want to be successful in other areas of your life. If a night out with your best friend every month fills up your cup, do whatever it takes to keep that routine upheld.

Let go and Live Free

Here at Knix, we talk about being unapologetically free. Our brand founder Joanna says, "freedom is the practice of letting go." We're kicking of January with our #FreeTo movement, where we celebrate the art of doing things for ourselves, and letting go of the things that bind us. 

Here, a few words to help you usher in 2019 with some peace and strength:

When we choose to forgive instead of seeing the world through bitter eyes… we are free

When we learn from our mistakes instead of letting them define or cripple us…we are free

When we love ourselves regardless of what people think…we are free

When we accept uncertainty instead of stressing about what we don’t know…we are free

When we embrace chaos, instead of struggling for control…we are free

When we recognize that we are all imperfect, and then resist the urge to fight that… we are free

When we choose to appreciate what we have instead of lamenting what we’ve lost…we are free

When we plant ourselves in this moment, and do what we can to make the most of it…we are free


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