What's In Your Bag: February Edition

February 20, 2020
Team Knix

Let’s play a game. What do these 4 things have in common: 

Drake. The Raptors. The CN Tower. Knix. 

Okay! Time’s up, pencils down. Did you guess Toronto

If Knix was a large and blossoming tree, it’s roots would be the city of Toronto. Not only was Knix founded here in 2013, but it’s also where Team Knix works (reporting live from HQ 👋).

We love Toronto so much that when it came down to opening Knix stores, we knew we absolutely needed a location close to home. 

Notorious for chilly winters, it warmed up enough for us to take an afternoon walk to our Toronto store at 630 Queen St. West. With new limited edition colors Blue Ice and Orchid available in store (and online!), we decided to turn our winter blues into a reason to celebrate with Knix customers. 

We chatted with some Knix fans (Knixettes? Knixinas? Knixerellas?) about their recent haul. Check out some suggestions from our brand new pals!

Kate, @okaydokate

What are you up to today? I’m a freelancer so I have some work to do, but I’m also in a design course so I have class later! Came in because I needed an excuse to buy a bra… 

Ooo. Which bra did you end up going with? The Evolution Bra! I’m excited for it because I’m a sucker for duality. I love having things that are versatile that can be worn in different ways. I’m always talking about how clothes should always be like that. So this bra is a win-win! 


Jules, @julesleee

Hi! What’s up today? I’m up to absolutely nothing. I have a free day! I was editing photos all week and today is my day off. I’m sorry that’s a boring answer! 

No! That sounds like the perfect day. And now you’re here! I saw you grabbed a pair of Leakproof Underwear, have you tried them before? I have! I’m actually wearing a pair right now. Knix Leakproof undies were the first leak proof underwear that I ever tried. I’ve used cotton pads before too. I’m just pro period products that are waste free. Any kind of cup too. Anything that’s reusable!


Isabella / @isabellavvt

Hey! What are you up to today? I work around here so just on a little walk grabbing coffee. There’s finally no snow! 

What’s in your Knix bag? The Pullover Bra!

That’s a good one. Are you excited about it? Yeah, very! I hate wearing a bra to be honest. They’ve always been really annoying to me. But I saw this bra on Instagram and thought it looked really comfy so I had to come by and try it on. It is really comfy! I think I like a bra for once... what a surprise. 


Staff Pick: Hanna

Hi Hanna! How’s your day going? What are you up to? Today I’m working here at the store which is exciting. I never get to see the staff (Hanna is part of our online Customer Empowerment Team) and everyone here is just really, really nice. 

They are so lovely! Okay, do you have a favorite Knix product? Yeah, I gotta go with the Padded V-Neck. I’m a bigger busted lady and she’s got some wide straps. She eases the shoulder tension! I also have days where I don’t need or want to wear pads in my bra, so it’s nice I'm able to take them out. Also, check out this Blue Ice color!