October Horoscopes: Halloween Edition

October 01, 2019
Isabella Torchia

Where did the summer go? It flew by, and took the hot dogs, beach balls, and mojitos with it. And while the nights are getting darker and the air is feeling brisker, we can still look forward to all the wonderful things Fall brings. I’m talking about HALLOWEEN of course. Maybe it’s lost some joy as you’ve gotten older, or maybe it’s more of a party than it ever was as a kid. Regardless, you may be scratching your head when it comes to your costume this year. Well, what better time of year to consult the stars.

Read on to find out your Halloween costume theme, your badass babe inspo, and how Knix can help you get ready. 


COSTUME: Tennis Player

INSPO: Serena Williams

KNIX TREAT: The Catalyst. You may not be playing for Wimbledon, but any good Halloween dance party may have your boobs *swinging*. Lock em’ down, monster mash the night away, and take the Catalyst with you on your next tennis lesson. Game, set, and match. 


COSTUME: Activist

INSPO: Gloria Steinem, Angela Davis, Greta Thunberg

KNIX TRICK: The Leakproof Bikini. While Leakproof undies are perfect for accidentally peeing your pants after a haunted house spook, they’re also a sustainable period product. Each wear holds up to two tampons (3 tsps of liquid), and can be worn and washed over and over again. Do it for Greta!



COSTUME: Scientist

INSPO: Marie Curie

KNIX TREAT: The V-Neck Evolution Bra. Not only is it a name that Darwin would approve of, but you’ll find you have perfect chemistry with it as well. A wireless bra that’s just as supportive as a bra with wires? Removable cups for versatility? Sounds like the perfect formula for the perfect bra.




INSPO: North West

KNIX TRICK: CoreLove High Rise. Forget diapers! North would never wear something so unglamorous. And neither should you, even if you’re playing a toddler for the night. These leakproof, high-rise compression undies are the perfect alternative. They’re in our postpartum collection, but anyone can wear them. Even if that someone is you, dressed as a baby on October 31st. 



COSTUME: Pop star

INSPO: Beyonce

KNIX TRICK: The Every Bodysuit. If the Knix Bodysuit existed in 2008, Beyonce would have insisted she wore it for the Single Ladies music video. We just know it. Comfy, versatile, and super easy to take off, it’ll make you the star of your Halloween party. You’ll be headlining Coachella in no time, I’ll bet my Grammy on it.


INSPO: Elphaba from Wicked

KNIX TRICK: The Thighsaver. It’s a common misconception that we created the Thighsaver to make wearing dresses more comfortable. But actually, the Thighsaver was invented to prevent broom chafe. Hermione sent us an owl, Sabrina astral projected into our office, and the Wicked Witch of the West left us a message in the sky-- all saying that they needed something to wear while they rode into the night sky. Test it out or we’ll hex you! 




INSPO: The Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsberg

KNIX TREAT: High Rise Essential Underwear.  All rise, all rise. Order in the court! RBG is holding STRONG on the Supreme court, and you need underwear that works just as hard as she does. They’re super comfy with lots of coverage, so you’ll be saying “Court ADJOURNED” to all the other undies in your drawer. 




INSPO:  Daenerys Targaryen

KNIX TREAT: The Leakproof Thong. Fire cannot kill a dragon, but you on your period could. That’s how fierce you are. Scorpios, you are the perfect song of Ice and Firea water sign often mistaken for a fire sign. Keep them guessing (and keep yourself protected) with the Leakproof Thong. But in this ending, you snatch the crown.



COSTUME: Explorer

INSPO: Amelia Earhart

KNIX TRICK: The Evolution Tank. You’ll be flying high this Halloween with the Tank. Why? It’s got a built in bra, it’s wirefree, it’s moisture-wicking aaaaand our shipment didn’t disappear when we flew it over the Bermuda Triangle. It’s an absolute treasure. 




INSPO: The Twins from The Shining

KNIX TREAT: The Evolution Bra. There’s nothing spooky about this bra, but our office medium tells us the Evo will be scaring all your underwire bras away. Did we mention it’s fully reversible? So just like the Twins, you’ll be getting two for the price of one. Hey, would you look at that! Our Ouija Board just spelled out “Add to Cart”. Chills! 



COSTUME: Astronaut

INSPO: Dr. Mae Jemison

KNIX TREAT: The Dream Short.  As the first Black woman in space-- Dr. Jemison is nothing short of an absolute dream. So even though you might not be qualified to work for NASA, shoot for the stars with the Dream Short! It’s one small step for woman, one giant leap for womankind. 



COSTUME: Mermaid 

INSPO: Ariel 


The WingWoman Contour Bra. I don’t know about you, but wearing a shell bra just doesn’t seem....comfortable. Swim away and wear the WingWoman as part of your costume instead. I swear on Ursula, people will notice the bra more than the fins.