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Knix Pride Class of 2019

June 02, 2019
Team Knix

Here at Knix, we have a lot of things to be proud of. One of these things is our own growing, vibrant and colourful community at Knix HQ. To kick-off our favourite season, we kiki’d with some of the LGBTQ+ folks on Team Knix, and asked them how they celebrate Pride all year round.

Steven, COO

This year I am celebrating my first Toronto Pride and joining the pride run. I am also headed to New York with my husband for World Pride the end of June. Our oldest son is also gay, so I would say our house is pretty prideful all year long!

Hannah, Customer Empowerment Coordinator

I’m going to school to become a midwife! I have seen the many ways that the healthcare system fails to address the specific needs of queer and trans families so I dream of starting my own practice that focuses on queer and trans families specifically. I want to help the LGBTQ community feel safe within a system that wasn’t built to support them and foster lots of beautiful new queer families.

Julia, Product Manager

This year, I'll be walking in the Dyke March. I love the energy of that march! It is so empowering to take up space with a group of queer women. It's a celebration of our community and a reminder of the size of our community. When I first started attending Pride events I felt so supported seeing such a large group of women like me!

I'm a part of a queer improv troupe Kinsey Fail! We perform once a month and it is so fun to be with other queer people, celebrating being queer and making each other laugh! I really appreciate time when I get to be in queer spaces and this event allows me to marry that experience with one of my fav hobbies!

Lindsay, Director of Sales and Partnerships

I will be celebrating pride all summer long by helping to empower more women say "yes" to learning how to play golf and using their lives, careers and just everyday enjoyment of being outdoors.

Isabella, Content Specialist

I can’t wait to kick-off this year’s celebrations at Brooklyn Pride. Their parade is at night, and it’s my favourite Pride event of all time. I’ll also be attending the Dyke March and the Trans March in Toronto. I love the community aspect and overwhelming solidarity of these smaller marches.

I celebrate Pride all year round by continually learning and growing within the queer community. I celebrate Pride by taking responsibility in educating myself about our history, consuming content from queer creators, and making sure that in all ways, my Pride is intersectional. Also, by blasting Spice Girls at any chance I get.

Stephanie, Social Media Manager

This year I’m hitting the streets with my best Judy’s celebrating the beautiful world of queerdom! I've been attending Toronto Pride for around a decade now, I recently moved to The Village and I'm excited to celebrate in my new neighbourhood 💃

To me, celebrating Pride is about honouring and supporting LGBTQQIP creators, businesses, art and storytelling of all kinds, all year long. It means continuing to stay educated, open minded and accepting by letting others speak their truths loud and clear.

Everybody say love!

All month long, we'll be chatting with more colourful members of our LGBTQ+ community. Subscribe to The Lift and march along with us here!