Sep 04, 2018

5 Reasons Why Everybody Needs a Gym Buddy

According to two gym buddies.

By: Team Knix

Trying something new can be intimidating, especially when it comes to new gyms or group fitness classes. But, like most things, when you have a friend to do it with, it's so much more fun. 

Jordana and Marlie - KnixJordana and Marlie are two best friends who have been working out together for almost two years. And though they actually initially met in a fitness class, they developed a friendship outside of the gym that is so strong that now they even work together!

So we asked these fitness friends why they love working out together:

  • 1. It’s just more fun

  • If you’re new to working out or trying a tough class for the first time, going to the gym can be super daunting, but when you bring a friend, it’s way less scary. If you’re awful at it, at least you can be awful together and laugh it off. And even if you’re a seasoned pro at the gym? “We both have individual fitness goals, [but] having a buddy to work out with definitely makes things more fun!”

  • 2. They give you the extra motivation you need

  • For Jordana and Marlie, one of the best things about having a gym buddy is “having someone to keep you accountable, especially for early morning classes.” If you back out, you could be letting your friend down, which is all the more motivation to get yourself out of bed and out the door. Besides, meeting your friend to work out is another way to squeeze in some quality time together.

    3. But, if you have to bail, they get it

    A good gym buddy doesn’t shame you, which is why it’s good to find a pal who understands how hectic life can get. “We both function from a place where working out should feel positive and is for self-care, so if someone needs to bail, it’s not a big deal!”

    4. They can help you step up your game

    A huge perk of a gym buddy, especially one who is more experienced than you, is that they can spot you—and maybe even teach you something new. Jordana got lucky in finding a real pro to work out with: “I scored that Marlie is my buddy because she is also a personal trainer and gives me tips to help me correct my form.”

  • 5. You may actually make a new friend

  • Don’t have a gym buddy yet? It’s not too late to find one. Sometimes, the best gym buddies are the ones you meet right there in the gym, and if you’re really lucky, they may transition into a friend outside of class. “We actually never planned on being ‘workout buddies’. It kind of happened organically. We would see each other at group fitness classes, and after a few months started coordinating class times because we happened to be going to lots of the same classes anyways.”

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