'A Misconception About Being 50+ is That We're Old'

March 12, 2020
Team Knix


Celebrating women over a certain age shouldn’t be a crazy idea. And we don’t want it to be. But with women over the age of 50 still being largely invisible in the media, (let alone seen dancing in lingerie) Knix decided to put out a casting call with only one rule: You must be 50 or older to apply.  

The response was overwhelming, with over 500 submissions by women from all walks of life who spanned decades in age. Through the audition process we laughed, cried, danced and shared stories of resilience and celebration. 

We sat down with some of the wonderful women who were selected to be part of this campaign. If you haven't watched the video that had everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Kristen Bell talking, check it out here.

Meet Elizabeth, Mitzy, Lori Ann and Amily. 

DP, Nina Djacic with Mitzy and Lori Ann on set


What inspired you to participate in this project? 

Elizabeth: I’ve been acting and modelling since I was 40 and I’m 75. I’m looking really forward to this... I’m ready to show off! Bring it on! I’m not embarrassed anymore about my body.

Mitzy: I love how everyone is inclusive. And that empowers women to showcase themselves no matter what size! I think this is a really good outlet for us, and I thought “I want to take part in this!”

Lori Ann: For the past 2 years I’ve been trying to take some time back for myself and approaching 50 a couple years ago, that was a big goal. But it wasn’t the right time. Family was busy, there were different priorities and that’s ok! But it finally came around this year that I was able to take a couple of weeks and really zero in on myself. And a few weeks later I saw the casting call and thoughtwow what a great opportunity for me to put myself out there, be vulnerable and show a little bit of badass too! 

Amily: I said 50-90 is going to be an amazing group of women. Underrepresented in the industry! No matter what package we end up becoming in our senior years, we’re still bodacious and we are still here. So I’m excited to be part of this. 

The beautiful Elizabeth working her scene


What do you think are some misconceptions about women over 50? 

Elizabeth: I think the biggest misconception about being 50+ is that we’re old. I just feel like life is to be lived and everyday I get up I’m going to live it. If I’m lucky enough to wake up, I’m going for it! 

Amily: There are a lot of misconceptions about being a woman in her 50s. Sexuality is one. I love intimate wear like this because it’s not so much about sexuality, but it’s about being sensual. It’s about being in touch with how you feel, how you touch yourself, how fabric lays on you. It’s part of embracing yourself.

Brenda and Amily ready to pose


We want you to brag about yourself. What are your favorite qualities? 

Mitzy: My favorite part of me is I never give up, I never quit. No matter what’s in front of me I always look at what the end result can be if I choose to keep going. I love that about myself that I’m very confident in making sure that I take care of myself and my family. I’m also an entrepreneur and I work really hard. I admire that about myself.  

Lori Ann: The inner confidence and beauty that comes out in me! I also think I have a good strong body which is important for women to have because we do so much  mentally and physically every day. We’re caregivers, we’re emotional support systems and we raise new generations. I’m proud of all that and how I carry my body. And how I can stand tall through all of that, every day.  



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Photo Credit 📷: Sise Drummond