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How to Affirm Your Wing Woman

September 16, 2019
Isabella Torchia

Everyone deserves a good wing woman. Someone that’s supportive, encouraging, and always ready to lift you up. That’s why, in honour of our new WingWoman bra, we’re profiling one of our favourite BFF duos. 

Meet Anna and Lindy. They call themselves friends, soul-sisters, and mom entrepreneurs on a mission. Together, they created Love Powered Co, with the mission to empower the next generation by way of positive affirmations. 

This week, they visited Knix HQ to chat about their friendship, check out the WingWoman, and pose like some equally fab famous best friends. 

How did you two meet? 

Anna: We met at a Christmas Party in Burlington!

Lindy: We met at a mutual friend's Christmas party (after months of knowing about one another and missing each other at parties, get togethers, etc). Finally, the stars were aligned, we met, and an instant bond was formed!

What’s your favourite thing about one another? 

Anna:  Lindy has the best taste in wine and all things pretty! And seriously, she is one of those awesome friends you can always count on!

 Lindy: My favourite thing about Anna is her confidence. She has this ability to just move and make decisions and shake shit up without overthinking, doubting, thinking of what others might say or think. She is so secure and naturally self-assured in so many areas of her life, and I have always admired that.

How do you empower each other? 

Anna: That's the best thing about having a business partner - we are each other's support system. When one of us is having a bad day, our go to (obviously) is Love Powered affirmations, we each pick a card, read it outloud and instantly our energy shifts!

 Lindy: We empower each other by acknowledging one another's strengths, and giving each other the space to roll with our positions, making big decisions (business-wise) and celebrating one another's wins, while lifting each other up in moments of uncertainty, or when one of us falls, or fails, or is just straight up out of alignment. It all comes back to trust. Somehow, we have naturally fallen into roles that really work for each of us, and knowing we can try and fail or succeed, and our business partner will continue to always keep the faith...well, there couldn't be anything more empowering than that. 

What are some simple things we can do to empower our friends? 

Anna:  Picking up the phone and simply asking how their day is going can go a long way. Oftentimes we go through things alone because we don't want to bother anyone. Authentic compliments always feel good - your hair looks amazing, that sweater makes your eyes stand out, your energy is contagious babe... so much power in empowering others!

Lindy: We can empower our friends by speaking our truth in a positive way. So many times we think lovely, beautiful thoughts about the people we love, without actually voicing them, or showing them how we feel. You never know what one act of kindness (a kind word, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen), can do for someone. It can change the trajectory of their entire day, and in some instances their life. The next time you have a complement floating in your mind, make a conscious effort to become aware of it, and to voice it or show it. :) 

Is there a particular mantra you always go back to?  

Anna: I choose to be happy, I choose gratitude, I choose to see the love in this situation

Lindy: I still go back to my first affirmative mantra that started me on this path of self-love in moments when I seek comfort.

I am peace. 

I am brilliant.

I am healthy & wealthy.

I am safe. I am loved. I am protected.

Thank you for my blessings. ️

Thanks Anna and Lindy! Want to hear more from them? Check them out here.