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About Bloody Time: 5 reasons why you need the best period underwear

April 20, 2018
Team Knix

From organic tampons to menstrual cups, the period hygiene movement is evolving and women everywhere are getting on board. Leakproof underwear, or “period panties”, have taken the media by storm. They’re improving the lives of women, and they’re here to stay.

Here are 5 reasons why our leakproof underwear will make your life better:

1. They’re really, really, really absorbent

Able to hold up to two tampons’ worth of liquid, our leakproof underwear can be worn solo on light days, as a tampon back-up on heavy days, or for any of those just-in-case days. But they’re great for any of life’s other little leaks, too, so you can plan to wear them when you’re running, horseback riding, laughing, sneezing, taking over the world … 

2. They wick moisture and dry quickly

Our leakproof undies dry faster than you can say “achoo!” Okay, not quite, but they do wick moisture during the day so you feel fresher for longer. They also dry speedily overnight, making them perfect for hand washing in hostel bathrooms or on camping trips.

3. No more panty lines!

These undies are seamless, so they work perfectly under even the tightest yoga pants. (Whether you actually go to yoga or not is your call.) Say goodbye to both panty liners and panty lines.

4. Anti-odor technology

Need we say more?

5. They save trees!

Nearly 20 billion menstrual hygiene products are tossed into North American landfills every year. But innovations in the industry are—finally—working to solve this problem. Instead of disposing boxes and boxes of pads and liners, a few pairs of leakproof underwear go easy on the trees and will keep you covered for years.