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The Leakproof Sleep Short of My Dreams

February 22, 2019
Katherine Flemming

I used to have it all figured out. 

Shower. Midol. Light a candle. GIANT overnight pad. Thin black cotton bicycle short (before Kim K made them cool, guys). Then, if I was feeling cold, I would layer on a topper: a fleece leopard-print pyjama pant. In the summer, a stretched out pair of jersey leggings—neither one dug into my waist, which prevented the scorpion that terrorized my uterus (or as some people call them, menstrual cramps) from further torturing me.

If heaven forbid, my trusty shorts were missing—OH MY GOD. My period would be so much more horrific, my sleep interrupted, my frustration peaked, my life ruined, basically. So I'm sure you can understand why I held onto those shorts for a very long time. And yes Marie Kondo, if you can't tell by now: they did spark joy.

SO you can imagine my UNRELENTING JOY when the the design team at Knix asked me to test out the Dream Short. I couldn't wait to get the product on, and get to sleep. They slayed my beloved cotton bike shorts in every single way. I wear tested the product for months, even without getting my period—and became obsessed. Here's why:

1. They are freakishly lightweight. Our design director, Jules Power, told me that the fabric was breathable and lightweight, but I didn't fully understand it until I wore them during an unseasonable warm night when I was feeling under the weather (read: sweaty) and still kept cool.

2. The pad is a legit size: Think of those really long pads that work for overnight purposes or even taller people—that's about the size you're working with when you're wearing the sleep short. The beauty is that, when you're sleeping, leaks are on the loose, so the extra inches in the width and length ensures you're covered from all angles, whether you're a really still sleeper, or one of those tornado types.

3. It's for sleep, but it works for day, too. I've worn these shorts to work. Under jeans, under leggings around the house. You cannot see them. I swear! They're just as seamless as the edges of the Knix underwear, thanks to the bonded technology and four-way stretch.

4. It doesn't dig into your tender spots. Just like my aforementioned cotton shorts, there was major attention paid to the design and construction of the Dream Short. The entire piece is seamfree, and the waistband is soft-bonded, meaning it keeps you held in but doesn't dig into skin. 

5. You can avoid all of the aforementioned drama and production that I listed at the beginning of the story. You're welcome. 

BRB, going to order 5 more Dream Shorts.



The Dream Short

Dreaming of a better sleep during your period? Introducing a super-comfy sleep bottom with built-in coverage featuring our patented leakproof technology that can absorb the equivalent of 4 tsp worth of blood and stop anything from leaking through.

Please note: All leakproof products are final sale.

Dream Short Essentials

Patented Leakproof Tech
Super-absorbent, moisture-wicking, odor-killing, and quick-drying to keep you feeling fresh all night long.
Thicker Waistband
Made to stay in place whether you're using it over night or during a run.
Conforms to Your Body
Adaptive 4-way stretch material that also relaxes with wash and wear for a perfect fit.

Knix Leakproof Period Underwear FAQs

Super Leakproof Technology