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Team Knix Tries the LuxeLift Pullover Bra

January 26, 2020
Isabella Torchia

Nothing gets us more excited at Knix than launching a new product. Whether it’s a bra, a new cut of undies, or something completely secret (shh!), the team spends months working with our brilliant designers, helping to wear-test everything until they’re perfect. So by the time launch day comes around, we’re all giddy for the rest of the world to finally try out our favorites.   

To celebrate the launch of the new LuxeLift Pullover Bra, we headed over to our Toronto store with a crew of #1 fans from Knix HQ. Read on to learn more about what makes Team Knix feel luxurious, and why the LuxeLift Pullover Bra gets their stamp of approval.  

Kate: Digital Merchandising Lead & Best Friend to Andie

Andie: HR Generalist & Best Friend to Kate

K: I've found myself reaching for this bra almost every time I get dressed in the morning. It makes my boobs look great. 

I feel most luxurious when I have a fresh manicure. I don't have an extensive skincare or makeup routine, but Manicures are my weakness. They make every outfit just a little bit better!

A: This bra is hard to describe because it was designed to disappear under clothes. How do you describe something so comfortable that it feels like you're not even wearing a bra? It’s smoothing and seamless and everything I've ever wanted! 

I feel most luxurious when I take a night to pamper myself at home. Hair washed, legs shaved, face mask on. Ahhhh 😌


Melissa: Office Manager & Master Scheduler 

I love this bra! I'm a huge fan of how comfortable and supportive our LuxeLift Tank and Bodysuit are, so when I found out we were getting that same seamless support in the form of a bra I was so excited. Getting into my right size was easy and it’s a new staple in my bra drawer! 

Luxury to me is all about the little things. Remembering to pay my phone bill on time, splurging on a monthly transit pass, and ordering in some sushi on a Friday night. Oh, and wearing a matching bra and panty set is super luxurious to me.


Lindsay:  Director of Partnerships & Workout Class Guru

It's comfortable and super versatile, so you can wear it from the office, to yoga… even to sleep if you want! I love the way this bra makes me feel. Confident, strong, ready to move and ready for my day. 

The thing that makes me feel most luxurious is a great moisturizing night time face cream!


Tara: Director of E-Commerce & Best Dog Mom Ever

My favourite thing about this bra is that it's hardware-free. If you foam roll, do yoga, have an active career or you’re someone who enjoys feeling supported while you sleep, a hardware free bra will change your life. It's true! 

What makes me feel LUXE are small indulgences: eating fancy cheese while binging some Netflix, ordering the most expensive cocktail on the menu, or spending a few nights at a resort after a 3 week backpacking trip.


Olivia: Video Producer & Professional Dragon Boater (for real!)

I couldn't be more excited about this bra. It comes in our biggest size range yet, from an XS - XXXL+ which is great for me because I'm wearing an XS! I love how comfortable and easy it is to size. It's pretty foolproof. 

I always feel luxurious when I wear bold lipstick! Makeup is definitely out of my comfort zone, so anytime I dress up and try a new shade I immediately become more confident. 


Shannon: Manager of Customer Experience & Professional Stunt Woman (also for real!)

I couldn't be more excited about this bra, whether you're wearing it under a baggy sweatshirts or a form- fitting top, it's comfortable, seamless and supportive all in one. It has been a favourite of mine since we were first asked to wear-test it here at our office a few months back. I'm so excited that it's out in the world. 

I 100% feel the most luxurious when I am having a bath with a glass of red wine, popcorn and a face mask