Meet our Swim Casting Call Winners


Earlier this Spring, we asked you one simple question: Who wants to come to California with us and model our new Knix Swim line? While we knew no one would turn down a sunny trip to the West Coast, we couldn’t believe that almost 3000 of you applied to the casting call. We were honoured that so many beautiful women sent in their support, empowering stories and kind words. You made it so difficult to choose one! So difficult in fact, that we had to pick two to join us at the beach.

Meet the winners of our Swim casting call, Liz Herndon (@liz.herndon) and Brittany Williams (@instantloss).

What inspired you to apply to the Knix Swim shoot?

Liz: I was inspired to enter the contest because my husband suddenly passed away in February. I had been looking at pictures of us the evening I found out about the contest. Once I read the prompt was about what makes you feel beautiful, I felt compelled to enter because my husband made me feel beautiful every single day.

Brittany: My first reaction, initially, was to tag all of my friends who I thought would be a great fit. Applying never crossed my mind until my husband said, “well, what about you?” I tossed my name into the hat out of principal more than desire. I guess I took his prompt as a little bit of a challenge, never thinking I ever had a shot.

Did you ever think being a swimsuit model was in the cards?

Liz: I’ve never really felt confident in a bathing suit, so being photographed in one would absolutely never have crossed my mind if I hadn’t seen the casting call for Knix.

Brittany: Not even a little bit ever.

3 words to describe your first reaction when you found out you were chosen:

Liz: Flabbergasted, elated, and it all felt bittersweet.

Brittany: Shock, Excitement, and a little bit of “oh crap, what have I done!”

Liz in the Coral Peakaboo One-Piece

Did you step out of your comfort zone on the photoshoot? How did you accomplish this?

Liz: I definitely had to step out of my comfort zone. The way I prepared for this was to just think of my husband and how proud he would be if he was still alive. I’m not a risk taker, but he was. Once I got to Zuma Beach, I really just fed off of the strong, positive energy that exuded from all of the other models. I was in awe of them and tried my best to emulate what they did.

Brittany: 100% out of my comfort zone. As a cookbook author I’m not a stranger to photoshoots but I’ve rarely been on the other side of the camera. It’s usually a delicious plate of food not all of my jiggly pieces. There were quite a lot of people there so I kinda had to block all of that out and just find my inner Tyra. I kept thinking “make sure to smize”, which made me laugh because the whole thing was just so unreal.

Did you gain anything from being apart of the photoshoot?

Liz: I’ve gained a newfound confidence and I’m starting to appreciate my body for its strengths instead of focusing on self perceived weaknesses.

Brittany: A greater appreciate for professional models and their craft. It was a long day and those ladies owned every single second of it.

What was the most memorable part of you trip?

Liz: The most memorable part of the trip was feeling like I was part of a positive movement in the shift of how companies advertise with regard to women. It was empowering.

Brittany: The incredible women who work for Knix. We swapped stories, ate together, drank together, and bonded over terrible karaoke. It’s nice to get to know the team behind the company that you love and that they’re just as kind and authentic as you’d hope.

Brittany in the V-Neck One-Piece

What was your favourite Knix swimsuit?

Liz: I’m torn! My favorite swimsuit is the Peekaboo One-Piece, but I can’t decide between the Ocean Teal or Bronzed Coral!

Brittany: I’m obsessed with the V-Neck One-Piece. It transitions from beach to night on the town flawlessly.

Check out the Swim 2020 Collection here, and read more about this year's journey! 
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