You Can Work From Home

March 21, 2020
Team Knix

Times are certainly strange (to say the least)! And while there’s so much uncertainty in the world, we’re learning we can find comfort, stability and health in a daily routine. Planned activities like getting dressed, going on walks and making time to chat with loved ones are all super easy things to insert into your day. They’ll make life feel a little more normal. 

Your routine won't be the same as your usual one, but finding new ways to organize your day are a sure way to help you feel a bit more grounded. We created a simple schedule to help you out a bit. Share it, print and fill it out! We hope it helps 💕

We thought we’d ask Team Knix leader, Joanna Griffiths, how she’s spending her days working from home. Between running Knix remotely and taking care of baby Cole, here’s how Jo manages work/life balance when both are happening in the same place—home! 

7:30 AM: Wake up and start getting ready. My husband gets Cole and gives him his bottle/breakfast.

8:30 AM: I put Cole in his "Circle of Neglect" (😂) while I get dressed and do my makeup.

I find that small things like getting dressed and putting on makeup help me feel normal. Recently I've been opting for comfy chic (a romper or my favourite sweater or sweatshirt)

9 AM: Touch base with the Knix Executive Team and prep for our morning kick-off meeting.

9:30 AM: All staff Google Hangout. 

I share updates with the team on what is happening with the business any changes as well as answer questions. I can't stress enough that right now there are no dumb questions! Everything is changing and questions help those of us making decisions consider things we might not have.

10 AM - 12 PM: Work (Google Hangouts mainly)

12 PM: Meditation break with Liz (Note: Liz will be meditating live on our Instagram Story March 25 @ 12 PM EST!)

12:15 PM: Lunchtime and play time with Cole

1- 5 PM: More meetings!

5 PM: Family walk with our dog. We avoid busy streets but get outside for at least an hour while we can.

6 PM: Facetime with grandparents and family

6:15 PM: Dinner

7 PM: Bath time and stories

7:30 PM: Bedtime for Cole. Then I do a quick 20-30 minute at home workout (I use the 8fit app which is really great) 

7:30 PM- 11 PM: Work, watch the news, do a puzzle, message with friends

11 PM: Bedtime! See you tomorrow! 👋