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Women We Love: Jillian Harris

February 21, 2020
Isabella Torchia

Jillian Harris is a woman of many titles. Interior designer, vegan chef, author, former Bachelorette, entrepreneur extraordinaire, business woman, partner, mom. If you can name it, Jillian Harris has done it. She can do it all. 

Like the rest of Canada, we’ve been huge fans of Jillian since she popped onto our screens more than 10 years ago. Confident, charming, and LOL funny, it’s been impossible not to love her and her honesty. Her incredibly genuine nature has made us super proud to consider her part of the Knix family. 

In 2019, Knix in partnership with Carriage House Birth, launched the Life After Birth Project— a travelling photo gallery highlighting women’s postpartum journeys, alongside stories that honor their transformative birthing experiences. Hundreds of new parents submitted pictures and reflections of these intimate moments, and we were honored to receive and read all of them. One of these was from Jillian Harris, who provided a realistic snapshot of her life after giving birth to her baby boy Leo. 

“I look back at this picture and remember it being one of the best moments of my life. I’ve never felt so content with my body, my relationship and my life. I think about how full my heart was that day. How hard I worked growing the baby, carrying the baby, then delivering our sweet Leo. Luckily, with that pregnancy and delivery everything was perfect. Fast forward a few years and my pregnancy with Annie couldn’t have been more different. I had debilitating exhaustion, feelings of depression and a lack of interest in almost everything. I just wanted the pregnancy to be over. Motherhood can be a roller coaster of emotions. Every morning you wake up with a bursting feeling of love and appreciation, but by 10 a.m. you’re on a caffeine overdrive with nothing in your stomach and ready to run for the hills!”

Jillian has been integral to Knix’s journey exploring postpartum life, and also joined us in Vancouver for the first Life After Birth Panel last year. Baring it all alongside Knix CEO & Founder Joanna Griffiths and Knix’s resident BFF Sarah Nicole Landry (@thebirdspapaya), Jillian chatted about intimacy, self-love and everything in between. Her honesty in front of a packed theatre was exactly the kind of brave sincerity we love so much at Knix. 

At Knix, we’re so inspired by Jillian, so it was a huge honor to be part of The Jilly Box this month. We were thrilled to have a new secret color of our Essential Bikini underwear included in this month’s subscription box.  While this round of The Jilly Box is sold out, you should definitely hop on the waitlist (fingers crossed).  Were you able to snag The Jilly Box that included special limited edition Knix? Shout us out on Instagram @Knixwear. We would love to see them! 

2020 is about to be a super exciting year. Our lips are sealed, but we absolutely cannot wait to spend more time with Jillian. Stay tuned!