The Summer Reads We Can't Put Down

TEAM KNIX / JUL 24, 2017

When we’re not designing you your next favorite bra, the Knix team has been finding lakeside spots to curl up with a good summer read. There’s nothing more dreamy than reading outside (we’ve been known to jet to the nearby park on our lunch break just to get a few pages in), so if you’re still searching for your book of the summer, read on: here are the page-turners that have stolen our hearts.


"I’m currently reading (aka rereading for the 5th time) Tina Fey's Bossy Pants. It’s a great reminder of my potential to be a total badass." - Julia, Customer Empowerment


"I love mystery novels in the summer, so I’m reading Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie detective series. They’re super British and super twisty, and her language is utterly gorgeous." - Meghan, Content Writer


"I just finished Toni Morrison’s God Help The Child — in, like, a day and a half, because it's fantastic."- Hannah, Customer Empowerment


"The Red Rising Trilogy! Because: #1 it is AWESOME (think Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones) and #2, I am a super into sci-fi." - Joanna, Founder & CEO


"Soooo, it’s not highbrow literature, but it's a damn good summer read: Paula Hawkins’ Into the Water.- Victoria, Community Manager


"I love a good beach read, so I’m super into The Husband’s Secret. It’s the fifth novel by Liane Moriarty, who wrote Big Little Lies."  - Rim Tesfai, Customer Empowerment 


Photo by Rachel Lees on Unsplash

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