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How to Fall in Love With Your Acne

March 23, 2021
Team Knix with Saige Taylor

If there’s one thing we know about people in the Knix community, it’s that they always proudly show up as they are. From being honest about their experiences with mental health to exploring the often intricate concept of self-love, we’re lucky to have so many friends that are able to facilitate honest conversations with their audiences. One of these friends of Knix is Saige Taylora photographer, writer and creator who is passionate about all things body kindness and acceptance. 

In the midst of the ever-growing body positivity movement, the topic of acne and skin has been emerging more and more. In response to decades-long unrealistic beauty standards when it comes to clear skin, creators like Saige are showing up on our grids and For You Pages bold and bare faced— breakouts, hair, texture and all. Read on to learn about Saige’s work in the skin positivity space, and how you can start falling in love with your acne too. Meet Saige.


Tell us about the skin positivity movement. Why do you think this aspect of self acceptance is so important? 

I’m passionate and adamant about showing up with my real unfiltered skin, whether that’s the skin on my face or the rest of my body. Social media (and the media in general) have always shown edited, retouched and filtered skin. It’s influenced the majority of us into thinking we have to have smooth, “flawless” skin to be beautiful and that just isn’t the case. It’s also impossible.

It took me over 20 years to get to a place where I am confident and comfortable with my own skin— to learn that pores, texture, acne, hair are all normal and nothing to be ashamed of, no matter if you have them on your face, your tummy or your toes. 

I believe it’s important to show up online and in real life how you feel the most comfortable. And that can look like anything! For me it looks like showing up without smoothing effects, blurs, or alterations— because I’m trying to do my part in breaking down these unrealistic beauty standards. I want younger generations or anyone that stumbles upon my page or a post of mine to know and feel beautiful and worthy in the skin they’re in because they are. And YOU are too. 

What are some ways we can start participating in these practices? 

It’s important to remember we all have bad body or bad skin image days. When that happens, allow yourself to feel those feelings and then try doing something that makes you happy. Dance in your underwear, get naked, do something that just makes you feel good

saige taylor in wingwoman bra
Saige is wearing the Lace WingWoman in Green Goddess and High Rise Leakproof Underwear in Pacifica

Once I’m in a better headspace, I start making slow and gentle changes that help me accept and respect myself. For example if you are learning to love your acne or your skin, start by looking at yourself in the mirror and focusing on the things you do love about yourself. Take photos of yourself, point out the things you like and say them out loud. When you’re looking in the mirror, talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love. 

Another thing that’s been really beneficial for me and my relationship with my body in general has been curating my social media. I unfollow any accounts or people that make me feel bad about myself, make me feel like I have to change, or just don’t bring me joy. Instead, I follow people that show up as they are, unfiltered and who are unapologetically themselves! 

What's something you've learned about sharing experiences with your body to an audience online? 

I would say I have had to remind myself that not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay. I am an empath and a people pleaser by heart so when I would first get negative comments, I would really feel it.  

I’ve learned that not everyone is going to like my content and that is totally fine with me. I create it for me, I show up for me, and if my content resonates and helps even one person I am more than okay with that. I have definitely built a pretty thick skin since being online.

Brag about yourself. What are you the proudest of? 

I’m proud of my resilience and strength to continuously show up unapologetically as myself. Like I said earlier, it’s taken me over 20 years to learn to love and respect not only my body, but who I am and where I come from. I have had to overcome being bullied and abused, physically and mentally for years and I’ve also had to overcome not knowing where I fit in. I am Cree (Indigenous), but white passing, so for years I never knew where I fit in and never recognized myself. 

saige taylor

When you go through so much darkness you have a choice to either let that darkness take over or to break the cycle. My proudest accomplishment is breaking that cycle. I’d like to say to any of you who feel like you’re in a dark place right now, to please know that it will get better. Once you put yourself first and stop focusing on what everyone around you is doing, or how they think of you, your world will open up. You will be able to see that light in you, and you will be able to do anything you set your heart to. 

Thank you to Saige Taylor for showing up as you are and teaching us something new everyday!