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What’s on Your End-of-Summer Bucket List?

August 20, 2018
Team Knix

Making the most of the final weeks of summer.

The end of summer is around the corner (gasp!) and we’re bracing ourselves for the change in seasons. Since there are only a few weeks left to make the most out of summer activities, we wanted to help you with recommendations from some of the most fun and adventurous people we know: Knix Ambassadors.

✓ Go to a drive-in

“This summer I wanted to take our kiddos to the drive-in movies, and we finally did it! We saw The Incredibles 2, but I loved the retro feel of it all; it was a flash from the past! We got cozy with sleeping bags and the kids loved staying up late, eating popcorn, and watching the movie on a giant screen. It was so fun!” - Megan, @the_oil_lovin_momma

✓ Get out of town

“We live in Hayden, ID so spending summer days down by Lake Coeur d’Alene has always been one of our favorite ways to have quality time together while beating the heat.” - Kaitlin, @kaitlintietsort

Kaitlin in Knix Evolution Bra and Underwear

Cozy up at the lake house or jump right in the water in our oh-so-comfortable (and quick-drying!) 8-in-1 Evolution Bra and Athletic Underwear

✓ Try paddleboarding

“We live on the West Coast on Vancouver Island, in Campbell River, so a big portion of our summer is spent at the beach 5 minutes from our home. I have never been paddleboarding and this year my goal before the end of the summer is to get out on the water and try it.” - Addy, @homesteadontheriverbed

✓ Travel somewhere new

“A big item that was on my summer bucket list was my trip to Peru. I went for two weeks and traveled all over the country, including hiking Machu Picchu, taking the train through the Andes, and eating at Central (if you're a foodie or if you watch Chef's Table then you've probably heard of it!). During my travels I lived in my Knix and was able to fit everything I needed for two weeks in Peru into my carry-on.” - Amy, @amyin613

Amy in Knix Evolution Tank
The versatile Evolution Tank is the perfect travel top. Layer it under button downs and sweaters or rock it on its own with shorts or a skirt. 

✓ Milk a cow

“This summer I checked off one of my last bucket list items: Milk a cow! I visited a dairy farm in upstate Vermont and had an incredible time learning about farm life.” - Meredith, @meredithtx

Knix Ambassador Meredith

Enjoy some fun on the farm without your thighs sticking to a milking stool (or a tractor seat, or any other chair for that matter) with our Thigh Saver Shorts.

✓ Give back

“I just returned from a trip from West Africa where I spent 6 days with women empowering women. I saw firsthand the struggle and the strength that the women in Togo wake up to every day. I’m not going to lie, I’m still processing it all. It renewed my passion of empowering women to challenge themselves, set goals, and encourage each other — even when we find ourselves in a storm.” - Emily @likeabluegirl

What’s on your summer bucket list? Tag us in your pics!