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4 Spin Studio Owners Share What Keeps Them Moving

June 11, 2018
Team Knix

Between work, family, maintaining a social life and also trying to stay in shape … balancing so many daily goals can be really hard. And when it’s your job to wake up at dawn to help everyone else reach their goals, well, that can’t be easy.

We’re hosting Spin In Your Skin events in spin studios across North America this summer, which has us dying to know how studio owners and fitness instructors manage their own insanely early mornings, eat well—and maintain their sanity. We chatted with the owners of the three studios we’re spinning with this month to find out what keeps them moving every day.

Their morning routines:

“4:45 am comes early, but truly I wake up before the alarm. I haven't gotten over the fear that I'd leave a group of riders without a good playlist at 5:30am. I leave my clothes laid out on the way to the bathroom … sports bra, leggings, top, socks, shoes, and wash my face! But riding at the crack of dawn with crazy early people, finding fresh ways to challenge them, well, even on the worst mornings, they bring you up!” - Sarah Jane, KrankFIT, Nashville

“I have a one-year-old son so there's not much secret—he wakes up at 5:30 every morning so I'm up with the sun 7 days a week! I try to drink a glass of water before I have any coffee, and make my morning "cocktail" (1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 1 juiced lime, and a splash of orange juice).” - Michelle, Uforia Studios, San Francisco

Their favourite ways to refuel:

“I love a Juiceland smoothie (a local Austin favorite). I will snack on cheese and nuts, if possible. I also will grab a banana and put some peanut butter on it, if I can.” - Stephanie, LOVE Cycling Studio, Austin

“I am always on the go but like to stay eating healthy, so I frequently pack my own snacks and meals. I love a kale salad with chicken. I add the salad dressing to the kale the night before to "marinate" it, then add chicken and toppings in the morning. Another favorite is egg muffins: I mix eggs and egg whites with spinach and mushrooms, then pour that into a muffin tin. They are great for a snack or meal.” - Michelle

How they stay organized:

“I am usually very task oriented and plan my time accordingly. I prioritize kids, then work, then personal tasks. I start early in the AM and am able to get a lot done in terms of work on the computer before anyone even opens their eyes!” - Stephanie

“For work, I love Trello (an organization software). At home, I am known for my lists; I write literally everything down because I know otherwise I will forget it.  I try to dedicate some time every evening to organizing my schedule for the next day, but as we know, life doesn't always go according to plan!” - Michelle

Their favourite podcasts:

“Serial … so good!” - Maria, LOVE Cycling Studio, Austin

“Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History!” - Sarah-Jane

“The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast.” - Michelle

Their favourite music to work out to:

“I have several favorite artists, but do still love music from the 70s. I like strong female vocalists like Pink and love some good old rock and roll.” - Stephanie

“Big bass drops and hip-hop. Playlists for my rides have become an obsession. Genre changes, energy changes, female vocalist vs. male vocalist, heat them up and chill them out, brand new beats and throwbacks. A good journey in a playlist can create such a high in the room. And the flops? Well, you gotta work overtime on the bike when they flop.” - Sarah-Jane

How they wind down:

“I love going to bed early, after eating dinner with my family, and watching a great series on Netflix with my husband.” - Maria

“Typically my days are so crazy that I am totally ready for bed, and try to be asleep by 11. Reading a book for our uforia book club is a good way to wind down, or some light journaling. I really don't need much to fall asleep though!” - Michelle

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