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Knix BBQ Essentials

July 10, 2019
Isabella Torchia

The fairy lights are twinkling, the hot dogs are prepped to grill, and you made enough Sangria to satisfy the entire neighbourhood. You’re almost set for your big summer BBQ. Almost. 

We already know that Knix is a great summer companion. But now that outdoor party season is in full swing, we’re hearing from plenty of customers who are putting their Knix underwear on the BBQ invite list. Regardless if you need to stay cool by the hot grill, or looking to stay HOT when the sun sets, we’ve got your back!

Here are some of our BBQ essentials, and why you’ll be reaching for them before you hit the patio. 

Party Prepping 🎉

BBQ’s aren’t all fun and games and hamburgers and margaritas. They’re hard work too! While you’re running around putting finishing touches on your Pinterest worthy table, the temperature is doing nothing but CLIMBING. Instead of breaking a sweat (Is there enough ice? What if I don’t make enough food?? Is it going to RAIN???), arm yourself with a pair of our Essential Underwear. They’re moisture-wicking and quick drying, so they’ll keep you comfy, fresh and cool even if you feel like you’re overheating. 


More Time with Friends 👯‍♀️

If your big backyard blowout happens to coincide with your monthly blowout (if you know what I mean), Leakproof Underwear are an absolute must. They’re super absorbent, so you’ll have a stress-free and dry period no matter what. This means you can focus on having a great time with your guests instead of worrying about leaks or running to the bathroom. Also, go on, wear your white jeans! Labour Day is right around the corner! 


Infinite Outfit Options 🔥

Is there anything worse than wearing a dress on a hot day and unsticking your legs from whatever seat you’re sitting on? Ouch. Child-birth may be #1 in the pain department, but the “Thigh Rip” may be a veeeery close 2nd. But not with our Thigh Saver! If you’re shying away from wearing a cute dress to your BBQ because of chafing, sweat, or other unfortunate seat scenarios, look no further. Throw a pair on under a dress or skirt and be prepared for your guests to be wowed by your perfect summer look.


Dasha wearing the Thigh Saver in XXLDasha wearing the Thigh Saver in XXL