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Grand(moms) We Love: Colleen Strong

July 23, 2020
Team Knix

This past spring, Knix put out a casting call for a campaign in celebration of International Women's DayWith women over the age of 50 still being largely invisible in the media, there was only one rule: You must be 50 or older to apply. 


Through this, Knix met Colleen Strong— who describes herself as a fearless Harley-riding Grandma. In 2012, Colleen was diagnosed with breast cancer after receiving her first mammogram after turning 50, and soon after had a double mastectomy. We were absolutely honored that she would share her story with us, and bare all for the Age Doesn’t Matter Campaign. You can read more about Colleen here. 

We recently caught up with Colleen to see what life’s been like after being in a commercial seen all across North America (no big deal)! 

It's been a few months since the commercial filmed, what have you been up to since? 

We’ve been busy! We had just sold our businesses and embarked on a 6 week celebration trip when COVID struck. I had a surgery scheduled to remove one of my breasts because of a recalled implant which was cancelled. It’s been an adjustment for sure but the silver lining is we are able to provide childcare for our 18 month granddaughter when my daughter’s maternity leave ended and the daycare wasn’t open yet. 

What was it like seeing yourself on TV? 

It was a shock! I didn’t realize the ad was going to transition to TV and I got an excited text from a friend saying they had seen it. Everyone kept messaging me saying they’d seen it but it took me a couple of days to actually see it myself. When I saw it for the first time I was sitting with my husband and he got very emotional because he was so happy for me and proud. 

What has the reaction from people been like? 

It’s been overwhelmingly positive. So many women responded how exciting it was to see older women validated and celebrated. My family was really excited although I’m not sure my son or brother were prepared to see me that exposed 😂

What's been the most memorable part of the experience? 

There was so much that was memorable. Meeting all the incredible bad-ass women was amazing. At one point in the shoot I looked out and noticed that almost all of the production crew were women. I was so proud of Joanna and the Knix team for choosing to give opportunities to women. 

So... would you ever model for Knix again? 

Yes please!!!  My surgery to remove my tattooed breast is rescheduled for July 27th. Once I’m healed and my tattoo is repaired I’d love to represent the “Unicorn” ladies (women with a single breast post-mastectomy)!

Thanks Colleen, we love and appreciate you! Follow along with Colleen's journey here and watch her amazing interview on set below.