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Introducing LuxeLift

January 22, 2020
Isabella Torchia

What comes to mind when you think of the word luxurious? A steaming bath loaded with essential oils? An expensive glass of champagne? Maybe a few layered gold chains draping around your neck? No matter what your imagination conjured up, we’re guessing that the word luxurious didn’t immediately have you thinking of your everyday bra. 

Introducing LuxeLift by Knix—a collection featuring our NEW LuxeLift Pullover Bra, the LuxeLift Evolution Tank, and the LuxeLift Every Bodysuit. This trio is not only supportive, versatile and comfortable, but they’ll make you feel beyond luxurious. Like, taking a steaming hot bath while sipping $90 champagne wearing gold chains kind of luxurious. Read on to learn more about the collection and tips on how to style.  

LuxeLift Pullover Bra

What is it: 

The newest innovation from Knix. It’s a wireless bra that’s designed to disappear under clothes. It’s seamless and hardware-free, so it may come as a surprise that it also lifts and supports your boobs. *Record Scratch*. Sorry, what? How? There’s built in support in the band, which mimics the tension that you’d get in a typical wire bra with a back-closure. The LuxeLift Pullover Bra also has reinforced strap stabilizers that are engineered to pull you up. But wait, there’s more. Sizing is available starting from a 30A up to a 42G. So you can wear it. And your best friend. And your coworker. And your mom too.

How & Where to Wear it: 

Anywhere. Anytime. Under anything.The smoothing and seamless fabric makes it the perfect bra to wear under all your outfits. That tight black turtleneck you’ve been trying to incorporate into your everyday look? Yup. Your go-to-weekend-kind-of-bleached-old-university hoodie? That too. It doesn’t matter what look you chose to serve, you’ll be feeling luxe no matter what. 

LuxeLift Evolution Tank

What is it: 

Do you ever feel like just… not wearing a bra? We feel you. We got you. Which is why we designed The LuxeLift Evo Tank. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a Knix favorite. This tank was designed with a wireless built-in bra, so it’ll be your first (and most loved) layer. It’s super smoothing, seamless, and supportive. Go bra-less! It’s 2020 after all! 

How & Where to Wear it: 

We told you it’s a Knix favorite right? Here’s some tips on how to wear it from our biggest Tank fans ever: 

“I'm a teacher and I need reliable, all-day wear that moves with me and my Tanks have never let me down! They are my go-to for an everyday support layer, and even in the warmer months I'm cool as a cucumber” - Colleen 

“I wear this as my bra, because I really dislike the way traditional bras pull on my post surgery shoulder!” - Patricia C

The perfect Tank for layering, wear it alone or underneath a sweater or blazer. They’re also great if a traditional bra with a clasp doesn’t work for you, like Patricia. Like the Pullover bra, it’s seamless and incredibly smoothing, which makes it (and you) look absolutely effortless and luxurious. You’ll tank us later.

LuxeLift Every Bodysuit

What is it: 

The versatile crown on top of the LuxeLift Collection, this is a bodysuit that feels as good as it looks. The built-in bra has the same wireless support as the Pullover Bra and Evo Tank, and it hugs and smooths your body without being restrictive. The best part? When you’re wearing it, there’s no need to completely de-robe when you have to go to the bathroom. With bottom closures, clasps make it a breeze to take on and off. What makes the LuxeLift Every Bodysuit extra luxurious is that both the bottom clasps and straps can be adjusted for your perfect fit. A Bodysuit that’s comfortable and fits well? You heard it hear first 🙌

How & Where to Wear it: 

The Every Bodysuit is also a Knix base-layer favorite. We reached out to one of our customers Ina, who owns 8 of them (one for everyday of the week plus a backup, duh!) why she loves them:

“I LOVE these bodysuits. Super comfortable in all seasons, smoothing without being constricting, comfy crotch that stays put, no VPL. Much easier to grab and go than a bra/undies/cami trio with coverage that doesn’t slide around. Liberation from painful bra straps and underwires (these straps are nice and wide plus much less breast weight is pulling down)... I own eight, just in case laundry day is delayed. That good.”

Thanks Ina! Our pal Kelly also owns a few, so we checked in with her to hear how she wears her Bodysuits: 

“I have a couple of dresses that were too clingy with just undies. I needed something that would allow the fabric to slide around freely, but i didn't want a slip.These are just what I needed”

It’s the perfect smoothing piece for layering, and cute enough to wear solo underneath jeans or a skirt on a hot day. Your closet will thank you.

Check out the full LuxeLift Collection here!