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Introducing the Lace Collection

March 03, 2020
Isabella Torchia

“Can you check my butt?”

“When I stand up, can you check the back of my jeans real quick?”

“Can you see anything when I turn around?”

Do these questions sound familiar? An unspoken rule of Girl Code, double checking to see if your friend leaked on her period is part of the whole… thing. When they tell you about cramps, bloating and moodiness, they leave out the whole “at some point or another you WILL get blood on your pants, chair or sheets” (or, all of those at once). It’s been part of the deal for so long, we’ve come to accept it as just another facet of life as a menstruator. 

But there’s no reason we have to settle for this anxiety-inducing, confidence-diminishing, clothes-staining reality. 

Back in 2013, Joanna Griffiths invented a line of underwear designed to help women deal with life’s “little leaks”. Extra absorbent and odor-proof, these Leakproof Underwear are perfect for all kinds of liquids— period overflow, light bladder leakage, and sweat. Knix has spent years perfecting them as your go-to pair of functional undies, allowing people all over the world to feel confident and secure during the time of the month. 

Introducing Knixy Lace Leakproof Underwear

We love our original leakproof underwear so much that we’re super excited for their next evolution. Introducing Knixy Lace Leakproof Underwear—  the first leakproof undies that are equal parts functional and sexy.

The same absorbent technology as the Knix period underwear you know and love, the Lace Collection also absorbs up to two tampons worth of liquid, is moisture wicking, antimicrobial and odor-proof. Want to know how it works? Check out our post here.

Regardless of whether you're dressing up for yourself or someone else, the Lace Collection was designed to have you feeling extra confident, supported and simply, hot. You’ll be feelin’ yourself when you put these on... literally. The ultra soft and material is so lightweight and stretchy, you won’t be able to keep your hands off.  

Here are some scenarios in which you should wear Lace Leakproof Underwear: 

  • On a cute date that you think Aunt Flo might crash
  • During your monthly self-care period routine (bath, facemask, Lace Underwear, The Bachelor  ☑️) 
  • Spring cleaning your house with no pants on
  • Taking cute selfies to remind yourself you are THAT girl, no matter how your PMS tears you down

Don't need Leakproof underwear? We got you! Our Lace Collection is also available as our regular Essential Underwear. This means that although they aren’t extra absorbent, they’re still moisture wicking and odor-proof. Both the Leakproof and Essential Lace Underwear come in 3 different styles- Thong, Bikini and High Rise, so you can choose what makes you feel the most confident 🙏