May 25, 2017

How Do I Wear My Knixteens?

We wanted to take a second to get up close and personal with Knixteen.
By: Team Knix

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our new Knixteen line — How are these underwear different? What’s exactly are period underwear, anyway? Do these come with chocolate? — so we wanted to take a second to let you get up close and personal with Knixteen.

How do I wear my Knixteens?

However you want! These guys are super versatile. The built-in leakproof liner means they’ll feel a bit different than your regular underwear. The super thin liner is there to absorb any leaks, and the fabric is sweat-proof and quick-drying. We love them for the days before and after your period, when you might experience some spotting, or for long days of travel, away games, sleepovers — really any time you might want a little extra protection. And since they’re totally seamless, you’re the only one who will know you’re wearing them.

Do they replace tampons or pads?

Knixteens are meant to be backup protection. They can absorb as much as two tampons worth of blood, so they’re great for light flow days all on their own. When you’re really in the thick of it, they’ll be there to catch any leaks from your tampon or overflow from your pad (or menstrual cup, or sea sponge — whatever method of period protection you use!). It’s an added layer of comfort, so you don’t have to be worried about the mess. Life is messy enough!

But how do they work, exactly?

SCIENCE. We developed a super amazing, all-natural carbon-cotton fabric that sucks up and destroys moisture and odor. A lot of companies add bleach, artificial dyes, and chemical fragrances to their menstrual products, but we don’t want any of that stuff against your delicate bits. And yes, they’re totally reusable — you just toss them in the wash (the rest of your clothes will be just fine!).

Make sense? We know it’s all a bit new, so get in touch if you have questions! We love talking about our products :)

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