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The Deep Dive on Leakproof Period Swimwear

April 30, 2021
Team Knix

Whether we’re planning a vacation or just looking forward to a dip in the pool, most of us have had that sneaky little thought: What if I get my period? 

From there, panic and preparation ensues. Extra tampons are packed, a pair of emergency swim trunks are stashed away in our beach bags. And despite the hot weather, we suspiciously tell everyone, You know what? I actually don’t even feel like swimming today...

This is why we created NEW Leakproof Period Swim suits as part of our 2021 Swim Collection. Gone are the days of dodging waves when you’re surfing the crimson one— we have you covered when it comes to swimming comfortably on your period. 

Read on to learn about how the Leakproof One-Piece worn by @rileyticotin helps to protect you!

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How does Period Swim work? What makes it different from Period Underwear? 

We’ve spent years perfecting our Leakproof Period Underwear, so we knew we had to adapt it for protective swimwear. Available in a Classic One-Piece and a High Rise Bikini Bottom, both have a super discreet absorbent pad in the liner that absorbs up to 3 tsps of liquid, which is the equivalent of1-2 pads.  They’re the perfect protection for light-medium flows or as backup during your cycle’s heavier days. 

But how exactly does it work? The layers in the gusset of these bathers work to trap and absorb your period so it doesn’t leak in water or on land. It features the same absorbent technology as our underwear— but with one special addition. We added an outer layer of waterproof material for extra protection, which acts as the extra line of defence whether you’re treading water or running through the sprinkler. 

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But wait… I thought I didn’t leak in the water?

Although it may seem like it, your period doesn’t actually stop while you’re in the water. Instead, you might be experiencing a reduction of flow due to the water pressure. Your period is still happening, it’s just not flowing out of your body at the same rate. And the flow will definitely pick back up again the second you emerge from the water just like you’re in Baywatch. 

How do they lock in your period in the water but still get clean in the washing machine?

The inner layers of the absorbent area trap your period so there's no leakage. When it goes in the wash with detergent, it releases through the top layer— leaving your swim fresh and clean for tomorrow's laps. Reminder: no bleach or softener, and lay flat to dry. 

When should I wear them? 

If your flow is light, or you’re at the end of your period— you can wear these completely solo. If your flow is heavy but you’re planning to hit the water, you can still wear a tampon or cup while swimming if that's what you're comfortable with. Our Leakproof Swim will catch any leaks that might sneak in, especially if you’re in and out of the water. Everyone’s period is different, and you know your flow best! Just remember that they absorb the equivalent of up to 1-2 pads or 3 tampons.

PS. The absorbent pad is discreet, so you can wear these when you're not on your period too. You can't even tell the High Rise Bottoms Deddeh Howard (@secretofdd) is wearing are Leakproof! 

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Where can I wear them? 

Where can’t you wear them is the better question! Wear them to the lake, at the beach, in the pool, chasing the kids through the sprinkler, and catching some rays in the backyard. Whether it’s a camping trip or a relaxing hot tub dip, they’re equally comfy and protective in and out of the water.

Are they easy to care for? 

Yes! Not only is the fabric in all our swim chlorine and seawater resistant, but they also have 50+ SPF protection. That means you’re good to go in any body of water of your choice. So throw on some sunscreen, hop into your Knix swim and say “Not today rays!”

How do I find my right size? 

You can find size charts on every swim product page, but if you’re not sure or need help double checking you can book a free virtual fit appointment with one of our fit experts! They’ll make sure you get the right size so you can just keep swimming. 

With a ton of different styles and bright colors, shop our entire Swim Collection here!