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Ask Knix: What Do I Do with my 32Es?

May 30, 2017
Team Knix

Hi Knix,

As a lady with 32E breasts, it’s a constant struggle to find a bra that fits well. For whatever reason, most major lingerie companies don’t make bras for my size, and so I have to spend $$$ on wired contraptions that make me feel like I’m being strangled by my bra. I love the new bralettes, but no way I’m going to get the support I need from one of those. What I’m really looking for is a wire-free option that minimizes my bust. Can you help? 


GIRL WE FEEL YOU. Did you know that the average bra size in the US is a 34DD? And yet, you’re right — most companies are only catering to smaller busted women. We love boobs of every size, but it can be really frustrating if you can’t find a comfortable bra that fits you well.

We designed our Evolution Bra to fit women from a 32A through a 42E. We wanted to make a seamless, wire-free bra that was supportive, comfortable, and that worked as hard as you do. We think we’ve done it, and we’ve heard from women with a larger bust that this is the first wire-free bra they’ve been able to comfortably wear. And if you’re looking for a minimizing bra, this is a perfect choice. It defines and supports but keeps things contained under tees and tanks.

You’ll notice our sizing is a bit different, so do take a look at our size chart. For a 32E, we’d recommend a size 6. And remember, our bras are designed to mold to your unique shape, so it may fit snug at first. Most women find it relaxes perfectly after a few wears.

Let us know what you think!

Happy Knixing,