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47 Bras Later, the Evolution is Here to Stay

July 17, 2017
Team Knix

These are the kind of stories we love, because they are proof positive that we are accomplishing exactly what we set out to do when we made the Evolution: design a bra that makes women of all sizes feel beautiful, supported, and confident, all without uncomfortable wires or fussy, complicated construction. We wanted to make one bra that would take you from work to yoga to errands to bedtime: a bra that was so comfortable, you’d forget you were even wearing it. Basically, a unicorn bra - the one you wouldn’t spend the whole day just waiting to take off.

It definitely requires a little magical thinking, which is why we’ve recently made a point of modeling the bra on women of all shapes and sizes, to show you how the fit and shape will look on you. We know our sizing chart is different, so we hope this video helps you figure out which size is right for you.


Still curious? A few more hints:

  • The Evolution Bra is designed to fit tight at first. That’s because we wanted the bra to mold to fit your shape, rather than the other way around. Most women find that after a week of wear, the bra relaxes for the perfect, comfortable fit. So don’t be alarmed if it feels like shapewear - it will relax! That said, if the bra is seriously uncomfortable, you’re experiencing pinching, or the back strap is riding way up, you’re probably in the wrong size. That’s where our customer empowerment team comes in :)
  • This isn't a push-up: you won’t get major cleavage. It should enhance the natural shape of your breasts. Many women with larger breasts have also mentioned that they feel lighter in their Evolution - we do find it has a minimizing effect on sizes C and larger.
  • We went super technical with this bra. The seamless construction, patented fabric, and secure, bonded design means you’re getting a bra that will last and last. Unlike other bras, where the elastic and wiring gives out after 3 months of wear, the Evolution should be your constant companion. And on that note - no, you don’t need to hand wash! It’s tough, so it’ll stand up to wear and tear (although we do recommend laying flat to dry).