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At Knix, we do everything a little bit differently: including our sizing. If you’re new to Knix or not sure about your size, this size guide will help you find the correct fit in both bras and underwear. You’ll notice it’s not like the bra size chart you typically see when shopping for bras: We’ve built a custom, step-by-step fit finder to make sure your Knix fits you best.
Fit is so personal. Especially when it comes to bras. We all have a different idea of what we want and what we’re comfortable in. That’s why we created an entirely new bra sizing system that would accommodate a wider range of sizes and needs - a sizing system that ensures our bras work for all women.
Because of how we’ve built them, our bras take a little time to mold to your shape and get as comfortable as possible. That’s why we offer our 30-day trial guarantee to make sure you can get comfortable in the size you ordered. Do what you want to do in yours, and wash it as much as you like. If you find the fit still isn't right, message us to get a personal bra and underwear sizing consultation before exchanging for the right size.