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What it Takes to Make the Most Comfortable Bras

January 01, 2018
Team Knix

We set out to create comfortable & wireless bras that every woman wants to wear.

For most women, a comfortable bra is like a unicorn: super fun to imagine, but totally impossible in reality. So how exactly did we finally design a unicorn? Our Evolution Bra is the product of years of careful design. We wear-tested our bra on hundreds of women of all different shapes and sizes to make sure it gave them all the support and shape they craved. We use molded, wireless construction to support your unique shape with no pinching or pulling, and our 4-way stretch, performance fabric naturally wicks away moisture and odor. Wear it from the office to yoga to date night -- we’re positive it’s the most comfortable bra you’ll ever own. The only problem? You might never want to take it off.

At Knixwear, we’re determined to prove that comfortable can be cute, functional can be fashionable, and active can be attractive. We’re applying the strictest standards of design and innovation to all of our bras, from sports bras to everyday staples. Rather than demanding that your body fit the bra, we’re making a bra that fits your body — that molds to your unique shape without wires, bells, or whistles, and gives your perfect, beautiful, whole body the support and comfort it deserves.

What makes our bras different?

  • No uncomfortable underwires: our molded cups and seam-free construction support and define just perfectly without it.
  • High-performance fabric: we designed this fabric when we couldn’t find what we wanted -- a smooth, seamless, quick-dry fabric that won’t lose its shape and is invisible under clothes.
  • Antimicrobial & anti-odor: where other performance companies add synthetic fragrances to repel odor, we went natural.
  • Durable: your body isn’t delicate, and your intimates shouldn’t be either. Toss these guys in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes, and have more time for actually living.
  • 30-day Wash&Wear Guarantee: Because we designed these bras to mold to your unique shape, we want you to see how it evolves. Take it from the office to yoga, cozy up at home, toss it in the washing machine -- this bra can handle anything. After 30 days, you should be in love. And if you’re not? We’ll help you find a better fit -- or take it back, no questions asked.

But why stop at one? We listened to our customers and we’ve created a variety of different styles to suit your needs. There’s a comfortable bra for you, no matter who you are:

The 8-in-1 Evolution Bra

The evolution that started the revolution: this is our signature bra. Seamless, molded construction supports your unique shape without wires or padding, making it the bra our customers rave about as “the most comfortable bra ever!”. Reversible colors and detachable straps give you 8 unique styles, so you’ll never wonder how to wear it.

"I literally wear it for everything—sleeping, nursing, lounging, shopping, exercise, it is so comfy." – Carissa A.

Padded 8-in-1 Evolution Bra

The same Evolution Bra you know and love, but with padded cups. Same seamless, molded construction that supports your unique shape without uncomfortable wires. Reversible colors and detachable straps give you 8 ways to wear it.

“I took a gamble, knowing I was technically off the chart as a 36H-I, but I really needed a wire-free bra for low-impact sports that have a lot of torso rotation. The unlined Evolution gave me serious quad-boob, but the padded version fits perfectly and is so comfortable it's all I'm wearing now. Note to big-busted ladies: the "padding" isn't adding any extra bulk; it's quite thin but creates a smooth, nip-free silhouette. Others have said this: I no longer feel the need to rip my bra off as soon as I get home, and I even checked a couple of times before leaving the house to make sure I was actually wearing a bra!. No more welts from wires jabbing into my side or soreness in multiple places! I'm also short with narrow shoulders, and the straps don't slide off my shoulders as with most other bras. The silky fabric also makes it easy to put on if you're like me and hook a bra up with the hooks in front and then spin it around. Combine all that with the reversibility and this bra is just plain genius. I never thought I could wear a wireless bra at my size. I've just placed another order, and if Knix expands the colour combos in the padded version, I'll buy 'em all!” - Ann

V-Neck Evolution Bra

You asked, we answered. Just like the Evolution Bra, the V-Neck Evolution Bra boasts a customer-requested flattering V-neck silhouette that stays hidden, so you can wear it with your sexiest plunge dress or favourite low-cut top. Thicker straps mean extra support. And seamless, wirefree construction supports you so comfortably you can wear it all day, from work to date night.

“I absolutely LOVED the V-Neck. I think us women tend to believe that having a wire ensures extra support but the V-Neck proved that theory doesn't apply! The material is fantastic. It hugs my skin so perfectly. The straps weren't digging into my back or shoulders and the support made my ladies feel absolutely secure! To be honest, I didn't realize I still had it on under my clothes! I definitely recommend that other women try the V-Neck.” - Jahmeelah

Luxe V-Neck

You wanted sexy? You got it. Feel amazing and look just as good in this stylish V-Neck with gorgeous velvety detailing on the straps.

“Love the comfort.” - Michelle T.

Longevity Bra

We took inspiration from the comfort offered by our Evolution bras to develop the best medium-impact sports bra: The Longevity Bra. Hot yoga, a hike, your afternoon nap: it can keep up with you no matter what. Flattering and functional, the Longevity Bra is supportive even for large cup sizes and can be worn on its own as a long-line crop or under any workout gear.

“I'm a 38DD and honestly wasn't expecting more than for this to be a lounge-around-the-house-and-wear-under-baggy-shirts comfy bra, but it is surprisingly supportive! The straps are super cute and look great under a racerback tank, too! So glad I purchased this!!” - Beth

So: by now you’re probably thinking, why bother setting the bar so high? Why not just make more of the same?

The thing is, the bra industry has done something right: it created a problem so that it could provide the solution. It told you your natural shape was wrong — too big, too small, too pointy, too saggy — and then made a $100 torture device that promised to fix it.

Knixwear doesn’t believe you need fixing. We love celebrating the unique shapes of all of our customers, from an A cup to an E. In fact, 70% of our sales are in a D cup or higher. That’s because most women with larger cup sizes are the ones who struggle most to find a bra that celebrates their size without strapping them down with wires. Many women with larger cups love that the Evolution is a minimizing bra that still lifts and separates, providing shape and definition without sacrificing comfort.

If you’re used to traditional bra sizing, we’re sure our bra size chart can seem a bit confusing. That’s why we’ve modeled the bra on women of all sizes, so you can see how you (ahem) stack up. And if you’re still unsure? Our Knixperts are here to help you find your perfect bra size. We’re determined to get it right, which is why all of our bras come with a 30-day Wash&Wear guarantee.

As you can probably tell, we’re in this for good. There’s just no reason why every woman shouldn’t be wearing her most comfortable bra every day of the week. And we know you feel the same way. The Evolution Bra is actually a project designed and funded by women, for women. Our initial Kickstarter was the most funded fashion project in Kickstarter history. So many of you were ready for a better bra. Over 20,000 women enthusiastically contributed over $1.5 million to develop this bra. We couldn’t ignore that type of response. It was clear to us that uncomfortable bras were a problem for women everywhere and, since then, we haven’t stopped innovating. We’re continuing to research new fabrics and technologies to bring you the best product we can dream up!

Why do we do it? Well, here’s 6 reasons why we’re committed to keep you comfy.

1. Because you have more important things to worry about
As women, we have enough to worry about. There are careers, families, friends, and that Pilates class to get to after work. We’re pretty sure you don’t have any time in your busy day to stop and adjust an uncomfortable underwire or a pair of undies that just won’t stay put. We want you to be able to focus on yourself, your loved ones and all the great things you want to accomplish! We’ve got you covered.

2. Because the real you is the best you
We created a bra that shows off your natural shape, not one that alters it. We believe the real you is beautiful. We’re not here to sell you something that makes you feel anything other than perfect just the way you are.

3. Because you shouldn’t have to settle
We believe our customers deserve the best, which is why all of our intimates are designed to empower you to reach your full potential. That’s why we’ve carefully sourced the best seamless, moisture wicking, anti-microbial, anti-odor and quick dry fabric we could find!  You deserve it!

4. Because 93% of women are unsatisfied with their existing underwear
We interviewed 350 certified female athletic professionals before creating our line. A whopping 93% of them were not satisfied with their existing underwear. We’re not okay with the status quo and we’re here to challenge it.

5. Because underwires are old-school
There is something kind of archaic about underwire, don’t you think? After all, it was invented in 1893! Enough is enough – it’s time for an upgrade. There is a world of new technology at our fingertips – we’re working hard to source the best of the best to create a bra that provides all the support you need minus the discomfort. Don’t try and tell us a supportive underwire-free bra is impossible.

6. Because we don’t believe in constraints, limits, or boundaries
We want you to know that your potential is limitless. So why would we ever want to constrain you? We want you to feel comfortable and free — that’s why we designed this bra to feel like a second skin.

But don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what people are saying about our 8-in-1 Evolution Bra:

“The bra gods have answered.” - Mashable

“The bra reinvented.” - HuffPost