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Week of Movement

September 25, 2020
Team Knix

Whether it’s a run around the neighbourhood, HIIT training, a healing yoga session or a dance party in your bedroom, we think all ways of moving are good ways of moving. It’s why we created our new Catalyst Front Zip Sports Bra. With its wide range of sizing and accessible front-closure zipper, it’s a supportive and comfortable sports bra that’s made for all your favorite movements. 

In celebration of the launch of our new Catalyst Front Zip Sports Bra, we’re hosting our first ever Week of Movement. Completely free classes hosted @Knixwear’s Instagram Live, check out the schedule below to get moving, dancing and boxing. 

October 7: 6:00pm - 6:50pm EST

Signature Dance Cardio by 305 Fitness

Created by Sadie Kurzban, 305 Fitness is a fierce dance cardio class with an upbeat soundtrack. No prior dance experience is required, but you’ll be moving your body nonstop and learning choreography that will help you become a better dancer and build stamina and confidence. This class is 95% cardio, and feels like the mix between a nightclub dance sesh and a workout. Beyoncé who? We’re coming for you—save the date here!


October 8: 8:00am- 9:00am EST

Knix x BOLO: Boxing 

BOLO's founder and CEO, Caleigh, is a personal trainer, writer, TV producer and fitness host in Toronto who is committed to making an active, healthy and busy lifestyle more efficient. With a background in competitive boxing, Caleigh is passionate about empowering people with strength of mind, body and spirit through boxing and fitness. All ages, stages and bodies are welcome in her classes... Negative self talk, on the other hand, is not! The workout will consist of boxing drills, footwork and equipment free full body HIIT. Expect to get sweaty! Can't wait to kick butt with you here.

October 9: 12:00pm - 12:40pm EST

BoPo Dance Class with Jessie Diaz

The Body Positive Dance Class suits all body types and dance levels. Not your typical dance class, BoPo Dance ensures that the environment is judgement free, incorporating body-positive talk and affirmations during the sessions to make you feel comfortable at any dance level. Jessie’s mission is not to just teach dance but to empower others to learn how to love their bodies through movement. We’re already dancing, we can’t wait to see you!