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The Most Supportive High Impact Sports Bra Ever

September 22, 2020
Team Knix

In 2018, there was the Catalyst Sports Bra.

In development for over 3 years, it outperformed over 800 bras including the best sports bras from Nike, Under Armour, and Lululemon. 

But at Knix, we never stop innovating. So this year we thought, how do we make the best bra even better?  

The Catalyst Front Zip Sports Bra

Introducing the NEW Catalyst Front Zip Sports Bra. It’s designed to provide high-impact support for up to size 42G, all while feeling incredibly comfortable and reducing breast bounce by 76%. 


A sports bra? Comfortable? How?! 

The adjustable band and straps provide you with a fully customizable fit, which helps you move in all the ways you like to move. The cross-back design was also specially designed for 360° support regardless of your bra size— so you’ll feel secure no matter if you’re saluting the morning sun, throwing the bag some punches, or on your night-time run. 

catalyst front zip

Unlike the original Catalyst, the Catalyst Front Zip is also a front-closure bra with, you guessed it— a zipper that makes it super easy to put on and take off. Not only does this make this sports bra a great option if you prefer a front closure, but also does the trick if you have some mobility issues or a limited range of motion. No pulling your bra over your head after a sweaty workout. No fiddling with a back clasp. Just a quick zip and you’re on to your next task of the day. 

Sports Bra Innovation 

The first sports bra was made by Lisa Lindahl, Polly Smith and Hinda Schrieber in 1977. It was invented out of necessity— as Lindahl had complained about how awful it was exercising in her regular bra. Experiencing sore breasts, slipping straps, bouncing and chafing (sound familiar?), they knew they had to find an alternative. So they sewed two jock straps together as bra cups. And the sports bra was born. 

Knix is proud to continue innovating. With maximum support (and maximum comfort), check out the Catalyst Front Zip Catalyst here. No jock straps included. 

Dance party? Marathon? HIIT? Tell us how you’re moving in your Catalyst @knixwear.