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#SpinInYourSkin is coming to town!

May 25, 2018
Team Knix

Doubt. Guilt. Envy.

In a darkened room, dressed only in bras and underwear, dozens of women use blacklight markers to write down their fears and insecurities. Not in a journal—on their bodies. And then, they mounted their stationary bikes and spun all that negativity away.

Was it easy working out in a room full of women in nothing but their underwear? Of course not. But courage doesn’t mean being fearless; it means doing something you’re afraid of in spite of fear.

“You deserve to love yourself.”

The energy in the room was palpable. “It was very inspirational. We were all there together, supporting each other, bringing our fears to the surface and literally wearing them. And overcoming them by the end of the class,” said one rider, Caitlin.

Elly Mayday, a model, cancer survivor, and body-positive spokesperson hosted the event and supported everyone along the way. “You’re whole. You’re complete. And the one thing you need to do in your life is just love yourself exactly as you are.”

Easier said than done, right? For most women, loving your body—and simply loving yourself—is an ongoing challenge. Which is why with #SpinInYourSkin, we want to help more women knix insecurities, boundaries, and negativity.

This summer, we’re coming to San Francisco, Austin, Vancouver, and Nashville. Every rider who joins one of the classes will receive a complimentary Knix sports bra, pair of boyshort underwear, and robe for their participation.

This is no ordinary spin class. Watch this video to see what it’s all about:

RSVP for a free class in your city at the link below.

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