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Meet The Models: Sarah (@TheBirdsPapaya)

June 25, 2018
Team Knix

Sarah Nicole (better know as@thebirdspapaya) is a mom of three, who became “Instagram famous” a few short years ago by documenting her incredible 100 lb weight loss journey and the challenges she has faced in learning to love her body. In serving realness online every day about her doubts, fears, and insecurities, coupled with the positivity needed to overcome it all, she has rallied a following of over 70K dedicated fans who support and share in her journey. We love Sarah for being honest, real, and unapologetically free.

Sarah dropped by Knix HQ to check out some new products, and we chatted with her about stretch marks, body positivity, and what she thinks of the new shades.

“The first time I took a picture with my stretch marks showing, I remember that I just wanted others to feel free from what felt like shame, and be proud of what our bodies were capable of. I was shaking, nervous, and truly baring my soul and body when I clicked "post.” The response has been nothing but amazing. It freed me as much as it freed others. We were truly not alone.”

“I believe that body positivity stems from having power and authority over our bodies. [We have] the right to say ‘I want to change because I'm worth it’ or to say ‘I accept my beautiful body because I love it.’”

“Stop overthinking it. Stop putting excuses and roadblocks into your path. There are a million different ways to go about a life change, whether it's weight loss, embracing your body, or taking on something new. It's scary, and you have to let that fear fuel you a little, instead of crippling you. It's okay not to know all the answers or not to know what you're doing.”

“You can't be comfortable if you're not confident, too. Knix became this secret weapon I had, to wear comfortable underwear that transitioned from work to the gym, casual and dressy.”

“I typically wear very neutral colors, so the idea of some neutral and some pops of color will really shake things up. I'm looking forward to seeing the new shades in my wardrobe!”