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3 Ways to Wear It

July 10, 2018
Team Knix

This isn’t your standard tank-with-shelf-bra combo - those should have been left in the 90s where they belong. No, our Evolution Tank might as well be from the future. It offers a true built-in, wire-free bra for comfortable, all-day support. And because it’s so versatile, there are endless ways to wear it. Like, for example, with shorts to a patio, with high-waisted jeans to the movies, or even as pajamas for a night out of town. It’s totally up to you.

Need some more inspiration? Here are some ways you can style the Evo Tank for wherever your day will take you:

To the office

Evolution Tank for the office

No bra straps, no problem. The Evolution Tank makes for the perfect layering piece underneath collared shirts, sheer tops, and cute blazers, and you’ll never have to stress about showing your bra straps at the office again. Tuck it into a high-waisted skirt for a cute and easy vintage look.


For staying fit

Evolution Tank for fitness

Thanks to its built-in support, the Evo Tank functions like a low-impact sports bra, with the look of a top. And because it wicks away moisture, it won’t leave you feeling sticky after a light workout or long walk. Wear it to yoga, out for a hike, or a bike ride around town, and show up to lunch later feeling just as fresh as when you left.

On Saturday night

Evolution Tank for Saturday night

Round up your girlfriends for a night on the town — but leave your bra at home. You won’t need it, because you’ll be fully supported by the Evo Tank all evening long. And because it comes in a wide array of colours, this tank is perfect with your jeans, your short shorts, your mini skirts, and of course, your dancing shoes.

How do you wear your Evolution Tank? Tag us in your Knix and you may be reposted on our Instagram page!