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Get Ready With Me: Kayla Monique

August 19, 2020
Team Knix

Kayla Monique is a 25 year old Brooklyn native motivated by the beauty of life. An interior design enthusiast, model, lifestyle blogger and Knix Ambassador— Kayla told us that no matter what she does, she likes to lead with soul. You can visit her blog Fluid Friday’s and her Instagram to see how she does it. A colorful creative and absolute style icon, we’re excited for you to Meet Kayla. 


Hi Kayla! Tell us about yourself. 

I am a 25 year old Brooklyn native on a journey to discovering who I am. 

I believe that being who you are is your superpower. I believe that leading with your soul and kindness to make this earth special is the ultimate blessing.

Most people would describe me as a goofball that enjoys making people feel special. My time is usually spent understanding my being, content creating, lifestyle blogging, sharing information, volunteering in my community, roaming the street and internet to support amazing brands and really enjoying that everyday looks different. All things creative and colorful would be a perfect way to describe how I view my lifestyle. Everyday I hope to learn something new about myself, my skills and the people around me. This is who I am and it brings me the most joy to be unapologetically free.

Kayla in the Botanical Beauty Padded V-Neck and Leakproof High Rise
What have you been up to this summer? 

This summer NYC is very different due to COVID-19. I spend a lot of my time biking around the city, walking in prospect park and reading new inspiring books. Keeping a routine has been my greatest pursuit this summer and honing into weekend self care. 

You’re one of our style icons over at Knix HQ. What have been your staples this summer? 

My ultimate life changing best investment this summer has been my Teva Hurricane sandals. I absolutely wear them with everything, everywhere! 

Your style features a ton of amazing bright colors. What does living colorfully mean to you?

Living colorfully to me means so much. For starters, I am a woman of color and it is important to me to express myself in my physical presence. Color is known to be a mood changer but it is also a great way to own your difference and imaginative side. I view color as a choice to be free. 

When I wear color, bold prints and textures I feel my best— like I can conquer the world. I also notice that people tend to be nicer to me when I’m all decked out in awesome colors. They trust you, I think because you aren’t afraid to be yourself and have fun. 

Who are some women you admire? 

The women that I admire aren’t all in the same industry, but ultimately I am attracted to how they transform great ideas, and inspire and motivate young women like myself with the values that they uphold. Here are a few of them!

Michelle Obama: Clearly, haha!

Sheila Bridges: Interior designer

Lora Sheldon: My mentor and movement specialist

Sophia Roe: Chef, plus her life journey with family is so inspiring

Kelly Wearstler : The best interior designer ever

Louise Bourgeois: French-American artist 

And all the other women, badass moms, entrepreneurs, superheroes and confident women out there! 

Brag about yourself, what are you the proudest of?

I am most proud of myself when I show up for the people around me. I am most proud that when something doesn’t go right or when I make a mistake, I still manage to be kind to myself. Most of my life is spent alone without traditional family roles therefore I always remind myself to be proud of the smallest things. I have remained committed to my growth and I have been rewarded in so many ways for the kindness that I have given out to the world. I am proud of my open heart. 

Kayla in the WingWoman and Leakproof Thong.

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