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A Bodysuit For Your Body

November 09, 2018
Team Knix

What's not to love about a bodysuit? You can tuck them into your tightest high-rise jeans with no fear of bunching or rising up, and they can be dressed up for any occasion. They've got your back when you're reaching for something high, and keep you hugged in when you're wearing something snug. They’re a versatile closet staple that goes with literally everything you own.

But bodysuits are not always made to fit all bodies (tall girls put your hands up!). And most bodysuits require you to go braless, but offer no support—which doesn’t work for everyone, and can be extra frustrating for women with larger cup sizes. And we don’t have to remind you about those stressful bathroom breaks, where you find yourself peeling everything off from the top down, naked and freezing in a bathroom stall. It isn’t right!

We knew the bodysuit could be better adapted to fit more bodies, so we made one that does just that. It offers the same stretch and support you love about the Evolution Tank, but in a bodysuit that hugs you like nothing before it.

The new Every Bodysuit features:

  • A built-in bra that supports cup sizes up to a 40DD
  • No panty lines, thanks to its seamless construction
  • Thin, removable padding (so the amount of coverage is totally your choice)
  • An adjustable gusset (it looks like a bra clasp) that unhooks easily for stress-free bathroom runs and works for women of all heights

    Get your body into the Every Bodysuit.