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4 Bras that Help Relieve Back and Neck Pain

July 11, 2018
Team Knix

Whether we slept on our neck weirdly one night or suffer from something more serious, it’s safe to say we’ve all struggled with back or neck pain at some point in our lives. But what many women don’t know is that a lot of back and neck pain can actually be exacerbated by the underwear we’re wearing! That’s why certified physiotherapist (and Knix ambassador!) Meg MacPherson Morine came to us to offer her professional Knix fix to some commonly experienced (and often ignored) back and neck problems. 

Here are Meg's picks for the best bras and underwear for improving posture and relieving back and neck pain (and be sure to click to shop!):

Shoulder Struggles

“For many, the pokiness or inflexibility of traditional bra straps and the ill-placed adjustment clip right over the top of the shoulders can have you ready to burn your bra by the end of the day. Most bra straps also tend to sit over the outer portion of the shoulder blade which can increase tension through the shoulder girdle and pull it into a downwardly rotated position that increases strain through the neck.”

Doctor’s order: Padded V-Neck Bra

“This is the best bra for shoulder pain because these bra straps are thicker, which diffuses the load much better and provides more support. They can also be configured two ways to accommodate ideal placement on your shoulder.”

Gnarly Necks

“For many, chronic aches and pains in the neck are common. For women in particular, an ill-supported chest can only exacerbate the problem. When the girls are not supported well, it pulls our shoulders forward and forces our chins to poke forward - thus putting a lot of load through the neck.”

Doctor’s order: Evolution Bra

“This is the best bra to relieve neck strain because it is very supportive with adjustable strap configurations and the light padding in the cups helps contour the breast and give it shape and lift, which helps provide support from below. As the day goes on and gravity starts to weigh on you, you can simply tighten the straps to help give you a little more lift and take the weight out of your neck. Crossing the straps also works to cue the postural muscles to support the head and neck much more effectively.”

Mid-Back Misery

"If I were to pull 10 people off the street right now, 9 of them would likely have stiffness and discomfort in their mid-back. It is a common area that generates pain and, as such, the muscles along the spine can become very tense and sensitive. Almost everyday I hear of women complaining that even the touch of a bra on their skin in this area feels uncomfortable. This heightened sensation is referred to as allodynia.”

Doctor’s order: LuxeLift Pullover Bra

“The seamless construction and mid-line architecture allow the spinal muscles to be free which can makes this bra great for significantly reducing pain and discomfort in the back.

Lamenting Low Back

“Without trying to generalize a very complicated issue, low-back pain sufferers typically have one thing in common: poor core control. Although a pair of underwear isn't going to magically strengthen these muscles for you, it is well documented that these muscles respond well to tactile pressure. Conversely, overactive and fatigued muscles crave support. Wearing a garment that creates some external support through this area can be incredibly comforting and beneficial.”

Doctor’s order: High Rise Underwear


Meg MacPherson Morine is a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor. She is a mom of three little ones and owns and operates Phit Physiotherapy, a boutique physiotherapy and pilates studio in Toronto. It is her personal mission to reconnect everyone, especially women, to their bodies and have them feeling as fit and functional as possible.