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3 Bra Myths Debunked

July 02, 2020
Isabella Torchia

From the second we donned our first training bra as a tween, myths about our bras and breasts have swirled. And while so many of the body myths we believed as kids are funny to us now (like swallowed gum stays in your stomach for seven years, or that shaving your body hair only makes it grow back thicker), plenty of myths about our bras are still in circulation as adults. We might not even know they’re not true! Whether we learned them from our mom, grandmother or friend, it’s time to debunk 3 common bra myths.  

Myth #1: Bras give you cancer 

The King (or Queen) of bra myths, this one has been around since 1995. In a book called Dressed to Kill, the authors linked the tight nature of bras to restricting the lymphatic system leading to a build up of toxins that increase the risk of breast cancer. 

The problem? None of their data was reviewed. The National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society and the US National Institute of Health all debunked these claims. A follow up study done by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found “no aspect of bra wearing, including bra cup size, average numbers of hours a day worn, wearing a bra with an underwire… are associated with risks” when it comes to breast cancer. 

And while tight underwire bras thankfully won’t give you breast cancer, that doesn’t mean they’re still not painful or uncomfortable. Wireless bras like the WingWoman, Padded V-Neck and the Evolution Bra are all supportive, versatile and comfy alternatives to constricting underwires. 

Myth #2: Sleeping with a bra on helps to prevent sagging

If iconic bombshell Marilyn Monroe allegedly swore by this beauty trick, it has to have some validity to it right? Not so fast. When Marilyn famously said “It's all make believe, isn't it?” she might as well have been talking about this bra myth too. 

Here’s the thing: nothing will prevent your breasts from sagging, especially since gravity is involved! Overtime perkiness fades as gravity pulls your breasts downward, and sleeping with a bra on won’t do much to stop this natural process. Other things like pregnancy and breastfeeding also affect this. 

Some people choose to wear a bra to bed because it’s more comfortable for themespecially if they have larger breasts or their breasts get sore during PMS. It won’t prevent sagging but if it’s more comfortable for you, we say go for it! If this is the case, we recommend something light weight, breathable and not constricting— basically a bra that lets you forget you’re even wearing one! We recommend the LuxeLift Pullover Bra for comfort you’ve only ever dreamed of (see what we did there?)

wire free bra luxelift wireless

Myth #3: You have to hand wash your bras

Okay, so there’s admittedly a bit of truth to this one. With hooks, straps and delicate materials flailing around in the washer, it’s easy for bras to get snagged and more worn down in the wash. If you have super fancy special occasion lingerie, we’d go with hand washing for sure. 

But your everyday bras? Who has the time for that! You have work to clock into, friends to hang out with, kids to chase after. There are a trillion things you could be doing instead of Cinderella-ing about in your sink with your bras. If hand washing isn’t on your to-do list, go for bras that you feel comfortable tossing in the washer. At Knix we believe washing your bras and undies shouldn’t be complicated, so we designed our products to be super easy to wash and care for. For best results when it comes to our wireless bras, all you have to do is throw them in the washing machine on cold with mild detergent. Then just lay flat to dry, and voila! Easy as 1, 2, wire free. 

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