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Why You’ll Love This: Racerback Evolution Bra

April 17, 2018
Team Knix

The medium-impact sports bra that feels like a second skin

We recently launched our brand-new Racerback Evolution Bra—and the hype has been real. We joined our founder and CEO, Joanna Griffiths, in the design studio to find out a bit more about what makes this bra so special, and why it has Joanna saying she hasn’t been this excited about a product since we launched our Evolution Bra!

“It’s our first bonded bra that is truly designed for medium-impact activity.”

“The Racerback Bra is most similar to our Evolution Tank, a product that took us two years of prototyping to make.”

“Women have been asking us to make a white bra for a while. Good news: the Racerback comes in white. And black, and a whole variety of new colors.”

“It has a very, very sleek silhouette. Personally, I haven’t experienced a bra that lies so flush against the skin without digging in.”

“We’ve included removable padding so women have the option for additional coverage and support if they want it.”

“It’s awesome how it transitions from activity to activity throughout your day—the same benefit as our Evolution Bra, but offering more support, so you can wear it to yoga or the gym too.”

“For years, women have been battling with their bras, just wanting to rip them off at the end of the day. So we removed all the annoying pieces to deliver a bra so comfortable and supportive that you'll forget you're even wearing it!”