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The Fabric Guide to a Sweat Free Summer

July 23, 2021
Isabella Torchia

It’s getting hot in here so... put on all your clothes? Wait, those aren’t the lyrics. But unless you’re literally at a nude beach in like, Europe— taking off all your clothes in the sweltering heat isn’t always an option. So as we quickly approach the dog days of summer, it's time to peek into your wardrobe for breathable fabrics, moisture wicking pieces, and materials that are lightweight.

Cotton? Linen? Wool? You’re in for some surprises as we go through the best materials that’ll help you have an easy breezy, sweat-free summer. 


If you scan your summer wardrobe, you most likely have some cotton pieces already. Okay… smart! You know what you’re doing! We see you. A natural fibre, cotton allows for air circulation which is an absolute must in the hot weather. The airflow allows for heat to escape, so you don’t end up sticky, humid and sweaty. A great lightweight cotton also works to absorb moisture, which will allow you to cool down even more. Cotton is a great summer staple because it’s super easy to find and there’s a ton of variety. Shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts, even underwear are available in cotton to keep you cool and comfortable. If you want to start from the bottom (literally), check out Knix’s Cotton Collection here


God, is there anything more chic than wearing linen in the summer? It’s giving private cottage. It’s giving resort. It’s giving Carrie Bradshaw walking on the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi. Linen in the summer literally makes me want to fall in love with someone rich, be proposed to and then force my entire extended family to attend my obviously luxurious destination wedding. 

This is because linen doesn’t just look good, it feels good too— particularly as the weather gets extra spicy. A top choice for a breathable and light fabric, linen is loosely woven which allows for heat to escape from your body easily. It’s flowy and breezy, which also helps to keep you cool and dry as the fabric lays away from your bod. They're also a great option as bed sheets for a cool night sleep. Linen does wrinkle quite easily though, so you may want to look for a linen blend if you’re going to be in my beach wedding photographs. 


Listen, we live for a Daisy Duke moment in the summer. But denim is heavy, so you’ll want to stay clear of it in the heat. But if you’re like me, you’re very Brokeback Mountain about your denim. I just don’t know how to quit you— I say to my closet full of thrifted jeans.

But for the summer, opt for Chambray! Better known as imitation denim, it’s typically also made with woven cotton but is a lot lighter in weight than it’s jean counterpart. It’s almost as if denim and linen had a baby who came out as a breathable fabric. Chambray, you stay. 



YES! We said it! BRAVE! If you think wool is just for winter— think again. It may come as a surprise, but lightweight wool like merino wool is a great summertime addition to your wardrobe. Merino wool is known for its hydroscopic properties, which means it’s able to absorb and release moisture/ water vapour super fast. This kinda makes it like a wearable air conditioner.

An added benefit? Wool is a natural UV barrier, so you’ll be protected against those harsh rays. If you’re still not sure, look to the runners! Merino wool is a common fabric in running socks as they’re anti-odor and moisture wicking. 

Stay cool!