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TEAM KNIX / OCT 16, 2020

The Rachel to our Monica, the Oprah to our Gayle, the Thelma to our Louise— we’ve never been shy about how much we love Sarah Nicole Landry of @thebirdspapaya

You never know how or when a lifelong friendship is about to begin. It could start with a cookie shared on the playground. A note passed in class. A knowing glance from the co-worker in the cubicle beside you. For Knix and Sarah, it started with an Instagram DM in 2017. 

After spotting a photo of Sarah wearing Knix, Knix Founder and CEO Joanna Griffiths reached out to her immediately. “I clicked through her profile and started scrolling”, Joanna remembers. “I was so blown away by her authenticity, her openness and her talent as a writer. She was so refreshingly different. The team will tell you that I was obsessed with having her in our next photoshoot and would have rescheduled the entire day just so she could be part of it”.

The Birds Papaya BTS with Sarah at her first Knix shoot in 2018

Stemming from a single photoshoot, the friendship grew. From a swim shoot in California, to a Life After Birth Panel in Vancouver, to even consulting at Knix HQ in Toronto— we’re so excited to be on this journey with her. 

Dropping October 18th, the Papaya Box is a celebration of our longtime collaboration and admiration. Curated by Sarah herself, the box features her Knix favs and her dream Knix product— our first ever pair of leggings (exclusive to the Papaya Box)! It also includes amazingly beautiful hand-picked products from women-led small businesses, TISH Jewelry and NOMI+SIBS. If you’re just as excited as we are, join the waitlist to get yours

We caught up with Sarah at a very quiet Knix HQ recently. We stopped by her old desk, gave her a sneaky quick peek at our 2021 collections, and chatted all things Papaya Box. Read on to learn everything about it. 

The Papaya Box
Hi Sarah! Let's take it back. What initially drew you to Knix?

I had seen your ads around, and spotted a couple friends wearing Knix. I finally asked a friend "Are they really as great as they sound?" and she said yes! So I bought my first ever Knix bra and I was immediately in love. I had never been so comfortable. 

We’ve been on quite the ride. Do you have a fav Knix experience so far? 

That first time Joanna ever slid into my DMs was such a star struck moment. It was such an honour. That first shoot together? It was so terrifying and transformative and by far one of the most memorable days of my life. 

The Birds Papaya Now a photoshoot pro, Sarah in the Papaya Box Longevity Bra and High Rise Thong
Tell us about the Papaya Box. How did you pick the items? 

If you've ever worn Knix before, you've likely at some point wanted them to make leggings! Their designs and fabrics just always feel like Knix truly LISTENS and makes items that fit (and fit well) for a variety of reasons and for a variety of bodies. 

Papaya BoxOnly a stroll through the neighbourhood could look this fab with the Papaya Box exclusive Leggings. 

Throughout the years, I'd mentioned a couple times how I'd love to see leggings. But something that looked edgy and cool (hello, faux-leather)! From there we collaborated on a few ideas. We decided to also include the High Rise Thong— which is a game changer especially during dress wearing seasons. We also chose the Longevity Bra, because it could easily second as a cute cropped tank as well. Finally, I wanted to show love and support for a couple of my fav small businesses that are BIPOC owned and women-lead. I’m so, so, so elated that the Papaya Box includes TISH Jewelry and NOMI+SIBS. 

papaya box

Who is the Papaya Box perfect for?

This box is perfect for anyone who's had faux-leather or high shine leggings fail them before, or are ready to take the plunge for the first time this year. Any true Knix fan knows that you need to strike when it's hot (or it's gone, so sign up to be notified!) And of course, it's the perfect gift with the holidays around the corner— both my mom and MIL also reminded me how great a gift it is! 

What’s your favorite Knix product?

I'm truly shocked at how well the leggings turned out. They are so dreamy. The structure of the top band is so amazing even when it comes to my changing shape. They’re breathable and the edgy, chic vibe I had hoped for!! Oh, and if I can... a second fav: the High Rise Thong. Because… wow.

Thanks Sarah💕  We can’t wait to see what’s next. Grab all of Sarah’s favorites in the exclusive Papaya Box dropping October 18th. 
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