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Knitting and the Art of Sustainable Fashion

May 29, 2021
Team Knix

Cat Chiang of @cookiecat.herine is a writer and lifelong practitioner of slow fashion. On both her website Restitchsance and her Instagram she wears stuff, reads stuff, and makes stuff— showing her incredible colorful knit creations and teaching us all about making more conscious, sustainable fashion choices. Donning a hand-made flowery knit, a Good to Go Seamless Set and a bright smile in the LA sun, we caught up with Cat in the park to deep dive on DIYs. Meet Cat. 

cat chiang in good to go display: centred

A Cat basking in the sun, the indigo Good to Go Seamless Set, and a knitting project

Hi Cat! Tell us a bit about yourself! 

Hi! ☺ I’m a social media manager for a global tech brand by day, slow fashion blogger by night! I live in sunny LA with my partner and cat children, Kiwi and Kimchi. In my free time, I’m reading, writing, and DIY-ing.

Describe your perfect day. What are you eating, what are you wearing, where are you going?

My perfect day starts with an oat milk matcha latte and a comfy, colorful outfit. I feel most myself when I’m wearing color—tons of it—and relaxed, comfortable silhouettes. I’d while the day away reading and writing (in my ideal, imaginary world, next to a gorgeous view of the beach or the mountains…), work on my latest knitting or crochet project, go to the climbing gym or a yoga class, and end the night eating hot pot with my friends.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever knit?

Probably my Wool and the Gang x The Knitter Whoopsie Daisy sweater or the crochet butterfly top I just finished in time for hot girl summer! They’re some of the more fun and bolder pieces I’ve made.

cat chiang display: centred

A floral knit and Cinnamon Good to Go Seamless Leggings are the perfect match.

Do you have tips for people who want to lean more into sustainable fashion choices? 

You don’t need to buy exclusively from expensive sustainable brands to practice sustainable fashion. It’s all about challenging the fast fashion model of consumption. The most sustainable thing you can do is to shop less and take care of the clothes you already have so that you can enjoy them for longer.

When making a purchase, the sustainability of the brand or whether the item is secondhand should be a consideration, but also ask yourself: will I love this item in one year? Five years? How often will I wear it? 

cat chiang good to go display: centred

Lastly, everyone should feel empowered to be part of sustainable fashion. The industry needs to be more inclusive of size and BIPOC representation, but buying from sustainable brands isn’t the only way to be part of the movement. If you make your own clothes, thrift, do clothing swaps, mend your own clothes, inherit clothes from your family members, or simply make the conscious effort to buy less— you’re already part of it!

Brag about yourself. What are you the proudest of? 

Every time someone tells me I inspired them to try slow fashion in any way (whether that’s making a more conscious choice or picking up knitting needles for the first time), that’s truly a moment when I feel like the work I do as a sustainable fashion influencer is worth it. I’m proud of creating this space where people feel comfortable trying, however imperfectly, to make a difference.

Oh, and since you gave me permission to brag, I’m also proud of:

  • Getting better at resisting impulse purchases. I used to be a huge sucker for flash sales, but I did a “no buy” month last year and it really helped me reflect on my shopping habits.
  • Learning how to make the ✨perfect✨ oat milk matcha latte.
  • Taking myself to therapy for the first time two years ago.
  • Already reading over 30 books this year!
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