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On Your Block: Knix Stores are Here

November 15, 2019
Isabella Torchia

When we asked women to describe a typical bra buying experience, their responses all seemed to reflect problems within the intimates industry that have been bubbling for years.

Intimidating. Awkward. Discouraging. Overwhelming. Sensitive. Uncomfortable. 

Words better suited for a dentist appointment or oil change, these descriptors for bra and underwear shopping simply had to go. So when the time came for Knix to break ground on two brick and mortar stores, the mission was simple. Founder and CEO Joanna Griffiths said it best when she wrote, “We wanted to create an environment where women can feel truly comfortable in their skin and celebrate their bodies exactly as they are”. 

This Fall, Knix said bonjour to two Canadian storefronts— one in Vancouver (2076 W 4th Avenue) and the second in our hometown of Toronto (630 Queen Street West). Designed by local Toronto interior styling brand Salad Days, both spaces honour the soft curves and swerves of different bodies. 

Using as few straight lines in the architecture as possible, arches not only line the walls, but also welcome you to fitting rooms meant to showcase the best thing in the store: you.  

Rounded mirrors in the change rooms allow you to celebrate yourself, while rounded sofas outside allow your waiting friends (or your patient partner, ha!) to celebrate you. The goal of our fitting area? To create an encouraging space where you can step out from behind the curtain and embrace how you feel. We love when you show off. 

With there being a shortage of “wings” in-store (and proudly so), we enlisted Toronto artist Leia Bryans to design and paint murals as centrepieces for both locations.  Minimal yet triumphant and warm, they’re reflections of the Knix mission of redefining intimates by way of positively redefining the relationship we have with our bodies. 

Whether you come by with your best friends for a “girl’s day” or you come solo for a “self-care day”, we’re excited to meet you. Get fitted by someone at Team Knix, try on all your favourites, and discover new ones. See you soon!

Not in Toronto or Vancouver? We’re also available in Nordstrom all across Canada. Not in Canada? Drop us a DM and let us know where we should pop up next.