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PPE UPDATE: Almost a Million in Donations

September 16, 2020
Team Knix

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you, but our campaign to facilitate and deliver Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to frontline healthcare workers is still going strong.

We're excited to announce that the campaign has reached 

$782,016.58 in donations!


What do your donations look like in PPE? Thanks to you, the Robert Kerr Foundation and the City of Hamilton— we've made 587 shipments to 225 organizations. You've helped us provide: 

  • 226,800 gloves
  • 290,200 surgical masks
  • 9820 N95 Masks
  • 25,000 disinfecting wipes
  • 5000 snack bars
  • 5034 litres of sanitizer (that's enough to sanitize 2 million pairs of hands!) 

How did this get started? Back in March, Dr. Chris Griffiths mentioned to his sister (and Knix founder) Joanna that his hospital was already running low on PPE. With an unpredictable road ahead, masks, gowns and gloves for frontline workers were in short supply a reality that still impacts healthcare institutions around the world fighting against COVID-19.

So Knix got to work with team members who took on second jobs working evenings and weekends to do our part to source, buy and distribute PPE. With a commitment that Knix would cover all transportation and logistics costs, we launched a GoFundMe campaign with the goal of raising $50,000. Thanks to your support and a partnership with the Robert Kerr Foundation, that number is nearing almost at 1 million dollars. 

We launched this campaign simply because we wanted to help in any way possible. “However, for Knix this has become so much more than a one time thing”, Joanna told us. It even inspired us to create our own face masks. 


We would never be able to do this alone. We’d like to thank Virox for donating disinfectant, Purell for donating hand sanitizer, Suzie’s Good Fats for donating snacks for frontline workers, and the Pizza Pizza events team for helping us make deliveries every week. And you, for making this all possible. 

We knew our Knix community was incredible, but we’re continuously blown away by all of the love and support you have to give. When the world seems to be in a dark place, it’s beautiful to see people coming together to make it much, much brighter.