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Moms We Love: Dianne Allman, RN

May 08, 2020
Team Knix

We think all moms are superheroes. There is nothing a mom can’t do, and this is especially true of Knix Ambassador (and model!) Dianne Allman. Not only is she the mom of two adorable little boys, but Dianne is also an Acute Dialysis RN and a frontline worker in New York. With the onset of the pandemic, Dianne’s crew saw an increase of patients going into renal failure. “COVID-19 affects all systems, and the kidneys have been a huge part” she explained to us a few weeks ago. Because of this, she’s been working overtime to treat a patient load that’s skyrocketed. 

Between raising two boys and working, we’re still not totally sure how she found time to check in with us (moms really are magic), but we’re so glad she did. Meet Dianne. 


Can you tell us a bit about what you do, and why you got into nursing in the first place? 

I am an acute dialysis nurse at NYU Winthrop in Mineola, NY. I administer dialysis treatments to patients in end stage renal failure. Dialysis is a purification of blood, a substitute for normal kidney function. I chose the nursing profession because it is a career that makes a difference, and something I’ve always wanted to do. It is also fairly flexible, allowing me to balance family and work life.

How has your day to day changed since COVID-19? 

My day to day has drastically changed since the onset of COVID-19, both at work and at home. I spend a lot more time at work now and our workload has increased tremendously. I spend all day at work 7am-7pm, dialyzing patients in the COVID units and ICUs. My days off are spent with my family, paying attention to the kids and their school work and time with hubby. I try to make the day as normal as possible for the kids, even though they know things are strange right now. They miss school, they miss their friends and their routinetheir day to day has been impacted as well.

While you’re working all of these extra hours (thank you!), you’re also the mom of 2 adorable little boys. We bet that wasn’t the easiest task even before the pandemic. How has it been managing motherhood? 

Yes, you are so right! Motherhood is never easy, pandemic or not. This pandemic has just proven so far that as a mom, you are everything to your kids. When schools close, you become the teacher. When boredom sets in, you become creative. When the world stands still, it is up to you to keep it going for their sake. Parenting has definitely been challenging so far, but it is important to keep it calm for your children. I’m so lucky to have an amazing husband and supportive teachers throughout all this. Moms definitely need a support system at this time, and I’ve been very lucky. I’ve been battling with more guilt than the usual ‘mom guilt’ because of more hours at work, but I know it’s not permanent.

Tell us about your kids! What are they like? What are their favourite things? What do you hope for them? 

My two boys definitely keep me on my toes! They're 7 and 5 (soon 6). They are very active boys but such different personalities. My oldest Ethan, is so outgoing, friendly and super witty. My little guy Cameron can be very shy and so loving. They make a good team, they fight but stand up for each other. They enjoy each other’s company something I’m so happy for especially during this time. They love arts and crafts, dinosaurs, vanilla ice cream and LEGO! I want everything to be amazing for my children, but the bottom line is, I want them to be happy no matter what they do. And whatever they do, I want them to be confident. Happiness and Confidence.

Is there anything you’re excited to do with them after this slows down? 

Well, our Jurassic Park Live world tour got cancelled due to the pandemic. I would love to do that with them, as we were all looking forward to it. Also plenty of beach and pool time. My kids love the beach.

As the weather starts getting warmer, more and more people will want to start venturing outdoors-- especially if they have kids. From your perspective, why is it so important to us to follow #StayHome orders?

It is imperative to follow #StayHome orders to flatten the curve, slow the rate of infection, and prevent the spread of the virus to others. A person could carry the virus and not be symptomatic, and transmit it to someone more susceptible, who will develop serious symptoms. It is also important to stay home to give us (healthcare workers and hospitals) a chance to win the battle. Staying home prevents spikes in infections and admissions, thus ensuring we have the resources and equipment to fight this.

Thanks Dianne— both for sharing with us and for working on the front lines during this time. To follow Dianne's journey (and to see more of her cute kids), check her out here