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How to Pick the Perfect Period Cup

November 15, 2018
Team Knix

New period products are all the rage. And it’s about time people with periods had some more options to work with. We can still choose from our old faithfuls—pads and tampons, yawn, but with a wide range of more eco-friendly options available, such as the menstrual cup, it's almost strange not to give them a shot.

Silicone period cups sit inside the vagina, creating a light suction that prevents movement and therefore, leaks. It can stay in for up to twelve hours to be emptied in the toilet and then reinserted. They don’t contain any harmful chemicals and they can be washed and reused hundreds of times, which cuts down on the plastic waste caused by other popular products and saves you so much money over time.

And because the menstrual cup is such a great partner to our Leakproof Underwear, we wanted to help you find the best cup to go with yours. Check out our top five cups below:

The Cup That Started It All - DivaCup

Diva Cup

Photo via @thedivacup on Instagram

Manufactured in Canada, The DivaCup was launched in 2003 and was designed to empower women to take charge of their menstrual care. This extremely popular cup can be found at most local pharmacies, in case you want to run out and grab one right now. The latest line extension includes a version for teens.




The Cup With Every Color - Lunette Cup

Lunette Cup

Photo via @lunettecup on Instagram

First launched in Finland, Lunette "is all about safety and comfort, inclusivity of all menstruators, and saving the environment. Both sizes of Lunette Cup come in completely compostable packaging and your choice of blue, violet, yellow, clear, orange, and pink — a fun addition to what can be a very annoying time. For every pink cup purchased, Lunette will donate one to a girl in need.”






The Cup for Beginners - LENA

LENA cup

Photo via @mylenacup on Instagram

Last year, this California-based menstrual cup was voted by Cosmopolitan as the #1 best cup for beginners. It’s known to be slightly more flexible than other cups, making it easier to use. LENA offers two sizes, three colors, a softer, sensitive option, as well as a two-pack if you want to try one of each size.




The OG Cup - Mooncup

Moon Cup Ltd

Photo via @mooncupltd on Instagram

The first modern menstrual cup, Mooncup launched in 2002 in the UK. If you’re looking to support an ethical brand, you’ll be glad to know that Mooncup has been awarded with an Ethical Business status, is recognized by The Vegan Society, is employee-owned, and supports a number of charities that assist women and girls in developing countries.



The Cup That Gives Back - Dot Menstrual Cup

Dot cup

Photo via @dotcup on Instagram

While all of these cups advocate for a social mission to reduce waste and empower women and girls, the Dot cup takes it one step further. For every cup purchased, one is given to a woman or girl in need, and according to Dot founder Betsy Drach, “The storage pouch that comes with the Dot Cup is hand-sewn by a group of former refugees as part of a resettlement skill-building program.” To give Dot’s unique black cup a try, use the code KNIXDOT20 here for 20% off.


Menstrual cups can be a bit tricky for beginners, but if you’re willing to get a little more intimate than usual with your body, the cup may become your new favorite way to manage your period. Relax, take a break and come back to it if it’s just not working. If you’re still unsure, get some advice from friends who use them too! We bet you'll be a cup convert in no time.