Knix’s Favorite Movies to Cozzzy up to

November 13, 2020
Team Knix

With the air getting brisker, the days getting shorter, and the memories of a sunny summer fading away— I think we can officially say winter is right around the corner. Thankfully there are lots of perks to the colder weather, like getting to warm up with Knix’s new Cozzzy Lounge Collection. 

To celebrate our comfiest collection yet, we caught up with Team Knix to learn all about their favorite movies to cuddle up to. Grab some popcorn and pour yourself a steaming mug of hot chocolate it’s time to hit play on Knix's feel good flicks, and meet our new loungewear collection.  

The Holiday

Andie: My fav cozy movie is The Holiday. When my life gets stressful, I envision ditching everything to move to a cottage in The Cotswolds. Jude Law is also there.

Elizabeth: The only cozy movie worth mentioning is The Holiday. First of all, both the writer and director are women and you can tell because the fantasy is that you can be snuggled up in a little English cottage and an emotionally available widower will open up to you. OR that you can be a shy country girl in a huge LA mansion and a funny, vibrant musician will realize that you'd treat him better than anyone else. Also it's Christmas.

How to Lounge: With a selection of our new lounge accessories, we’d recommend the Cozzzy Beanie Hat. A first for Knix, it’s the perfect hat for channeling Cameron Diaz at Rosehill Cottage. 


Bridget Jones’s Diary 

Neha: There’s just enough Christmas to make you happy, but so much English charm and two hunky men fighting over a woman who hasn’t got her shit together (read: a normal person). What’s not to love? It also has a highly sing-along-able soundtrack. 

How to Lounge: If there’s one thing Bridget Jones is into (besides Colin Firth), it’s a matching PJ set. Now with pants, Knix’s 2-Piece Modal Sleep Set is our pick for settling in with some Ben & Jerry’s on a Saturday night. 


My Best Friend’s Wedding 

Christina: Every year at Christmas I would visit my grandparents in New Brunswick. They had no cable and a very limited selection of VHS movies (remember those?) that they would use when they went on bus tours to Maine. One of those movies happened to be My Best Friend’s Wedding. It became a Christmas tradition to sucker my younger brother into watching it with me every year. I QUICKLY learned that the key to this movie (and getting the happy ending everyone wanted) is to stop it when Julia Roberts confesses her love to Dermont Mulroney and they kiss in the gazebo. I repeat, no other ending matters. To this day I still cozy up at Christmas to watch this classic, just instead of VHS it’s on Netflix and instead of hot chocolate, it’s with wine.

How to Lounge: While Queen Julia Roberts' face mask doesn’t go nearly as planned in this movie, we’d recommend doing your night-time skin care routine in the Sea Salt Waffle Robe


The Sex and the City Movie 

Suzanne: The fashion, the Mexico trip, Carrie's brown hair, the apartment makeover! Plus, the scene where Carrie calls Big when he doesn't show up always makes me cry. (BUT I don't think she should've forgiven him after all he put her through— just as a side note)

How to Lounge: No matter if you’re a Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte, we just KNOW that all four would love the luxuriousness and coordination of our new Cozzzy Crew Top and matching Cozzzy Track Pants. We couldn’t help but wonder… could they be more comfortable?

The Sound of Music

Maxine: I love the music! It’s a movie I watched growing up and would always sing along to the soundtrack in the car. And Julie Andrews is a dream.

How to Lounge: How do you solve a problem like Maria? You wrap yourself in Knix’s new Cozzzy Blanket and twirl around in your living room. 

Knix Throw Blanket


Harry Potter

Kailee: My COZZZY movie is any of the Harry Potters! I just love watching them on a relaxing day because I've seen them so many times and they’re just comforting, imaginative, easy and fun. I can't choose which is my favorite, I feel like it always fluctuates. The first one is especially cozy though.

How to Lounge: We’re not saying our Cozzzy Cardigan gives sexy Dumbledore vibes. But we’re not not saying that either. 



Christina G: The best! Why? Because it’s not your typical “princess gets saved by a prince” movie. It’s about finding yourself, being true to who you are and the importance of love and family. Also, the music is the best!

How to Lounge: The perfect accessory for when you’re actually frozen, the limited edition Cozzzy Scarf will make you feel extra toasty. The cold will NEVER bother you anymore! 

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