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Introducing Lounge

March 24, 2020
Isabella Torchia

For the next little while, we’ll all be spending a lot of time at home. Some of us will take up baking, others will work on 1000-piece puzzles. We’ll watch a ton of movies, rewatch our favorite shows, and write journal entries. Some of us will spend time homeschooling our kids, watching over our parents and working from home. We’ll video chat with friends and family, and play games and host dinners virtually. And we’ll wash our hands! Over and over and over (and over) again!

While we’re all a little landlocked at home, it’s important to put energy into things that make us feel good. At Knix, we feel good when we’re comfortable (and confident!) with what we’re wearing. Which is why we’re so excited to launch our dreamy new Lounge Collection. Meet the new official lounging uniform of 2020.



What is it? A robe for all seasons! A textured waffle knit, the new relaxed fitting Knix Robe is both light and super cozy. Oversized pockets were added to house all your favorite lounging accessories. Extra cookies for family movie time? Check. Your entire nail polish collection that you’re hauling to the couch so you can give yourself a manicure while watching The Office? Check. 

How we recommend you wear it: Put it on. Apply facemask. Twist your hair up in a towel. Pretend you’re at a spa. Log into your 9 AM Zoom meeting. 



What are they? The most comfortable pair of pants you’ll ever own. Are they joggers? Yup. Are they PJs? Sure! Are they sweat pants? Why not! Are they being worn for the 8th day straight by everyone on Team Knix? Absolutely. Made from super soft and luxe modal fabric, these lounge pants can do it all. Plus, they now come in a gorgeous new color, Violet Dusk the perfect shade for Spring time lounging.

How we recommend wearing them: 

  • Pair with sneakers and a jean jacket for a walk around the park
  • Pair with a sports bra for living room yoga
  • Pair with your old university hoodie for your virtual wine + paint night hosted by a friend who has absolutely zero experience painting (but lots of experience wine-ing)




What is it? A matching shirt and sleep short set for the sweetest dreams ever. Gone are the days of old concert tees and your ex-boyfriend’s pair of boxers as your sleepwear. Hold them close to you, thank them for their service and then TOSS THEM INTO THE YARD (and by that we mean, please donate them or reuse the fabric!). It’s time for a PJ set to actually bring you joy. Made from super soft modal fabric and available in a beautiful new Orchid shade, it’ll be hard to change out of them in the morning!

How we recommend wearing them: After taking a 1 hour bath (popcorn as bath snack is optional but recommended), put these on. March to your bed. Close your eyes and drift off thinking about Jason Mamoa. We’ll see you in the morning! 

Check out the full Lounge Collection here!