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5 Reasons Why Knix has the Best Period Underwear on the Planet

January 28, 2019
Katherine Flemming

Maybe you've thought period underwear doesn't work, or that it's too much of investment. But trust us, we've spend years researching the needs, testing the product and integrating feedback in our leakproof underwear range to help you find the best period pants (or panties, underwear, knickers—whatever you prefer to call it) for every woman.

Need more convincing?

 1. It's the underwear that you never knew you needed. Why are you bothering with underwear that acts like regular underwear when you can own underwear that does so.much.more. Blood, urine, sweat—literally, it's no sweat for these high-performance knickers.

2. It's like a best friend who hides all your dramas, protects you from messy situations and ensures you're looking your best. It's super discrete—a question we get all the time. Yes, it's perfectly fine for everyday leaks (and some of our staffers use it for this purpose).

3. No, you don't feel it. It's not like a bulky pad or a wadded up paper towel (we know you've done it; we've done it and this is a judgement-free zone) or even like a regular pantyliner. It's a firm but flexible pad that's seamless, breathable and so, so comfortable.

4. Three's the magic number. Like all good things that require multiple layers (tiramisu, lasagne, my complicated pre-bed skincare routine), the Knix leakproof underwear is designed with three layers which all do incredible things. Layer one wicks moisture away from skin. The second layer absorbs the liquid (three teaspoons, friends). And the bottom layer prevents your clothes from being wrecked. White jeans, let's reconnect.

5. You're literally saving the planet. Will tampons be the new plastic straws? Unlikely, but there is certainly a push toward plastic-free periods. And if you don't care much about the environment (which isn't cool, but OK)—we know for certain you care about the zeros in your bank account. A single pair costs less than three packages of tampons or pads—and is reusable. Wouldn't you rather have something in your arsenal during your period that you can just grab out of your set of drawers, rather than make a mad dash to the drugstore? 

Did we miss something? Tell us why you can't live without your Knix leakproof!